Rose & Thorn [50]

Long weekends are good for the soul!

Rose: 3.5 day weekend of fun, relaxing, friends, and family!
Thorn: The shittiest possible weather at Pacifica Beach!

This extra long weekend was amazing, but also a good reminder to be grateful for those that have, are, and will fight for our freedom. Also to pay tribute to those that lost their lives for our freedom. I love a three day weekend as much as the next person, but remembering these things is also important

I love that my company lets us out early, on most Friday’s before a holiday weekend. We were told to pack it up around 1PM and go enjoy our weekend. Which is exactly what I did. I was going to lounge and do chores, but instead I hit up the Guidette for some fun. We met for coffee, which went a little longer than we had planned for. I had an appointment, so she came with, then we went to a really late lunch!

Temple – S Street Location
New kicks…

She had to get home to get crackin’ on some baking, so I went home and napped until J got off work. We literally didn’t do anything for the rest of the evening (or that I can vaguely remember). We cooked dinner together and cleaned up the kitchen a bit, but we just watched TV for the most part.

I was up and att’em early to hit up Midtown. This class was a killer. More plate burpees and running, with lots of expletives mixed in.

…so I’ve been told!

I’ve been dying to go to the Midtown Farmers Market and today would be the day. We didn’t have any pressing plans, so I was able to make sure we went. Once I got home from Midtown, J and I happily walked to the farmers market. I was on a mission for eggs, but willing to see what else there was. I loved looking at all the fresh veggies and fruits, even though I have no clue to make with most of them. There was an awesome little kid section, which was eventually crackin’ by the time we were leaving. I also tried the most delish Mint Ginger Lemonade. I wish I would have bought a bottle, but I left and forgot to go back to buy it. I ran into a high school friend and Haley (and Corey too). It’s fun to support local and also see familiar faces. After I bought my coveted eggs, we tried some fruit and the sign ‘cherry plums’ caught my eye. I was looking at it and she gave me a sample. After that, I bought a basket for $2. Loved trying something new.

Midtown Farmers Market

Then we walked over to Noah’s Bagels so that we could make breakfast when we got home. We also stopped at Old Soul for coffees to go along with our breakfast. We didn’t have much time to cook and eat, since we had an appointment to test drive cars at Carmax at 11:30AM.

I’ve never gone car shopping. I was nervous and giddy at what this experience would be like. I’d done minimal research and knew what I wanted to test drive. Della, my salesperson, was awesome, non-intimidating, and easy going. We spent a few hours with her driving cars and talking about randomness. After we left, we decided to hit up one more dealership since they didn’t have that specific car/model at Carmax. J prepared me for how different the experience would be, and it was! It was fun to test drive that car, but it made me realize what car I truly want. Sadly, I won’t be buying for another three months, but now I have time to make sure I get a great deal.

We decided that since we were out doing important stuff, we’d also go to Verizon to checkout new phones and plans. I may be getting myself a new phone this week! We were starving at this point, so drove across the street to the Habit and enjoyed ourselves some VW friendly kids meals!

After our day of being out and about, we just relaxed the rest of the night. Watching lots of Giants baseball and chillin’. However, we decided we needed a sweet treat (which seems to happen a lot lately) around 9:30 and made it to Baskin Robbins just in time!

Baskin Robbins // Nutty Coconut

The last Spurs Sunday for awhile! The last game of the EPL season, which is also known as Champion Sunday, where all games are televised at the same time. Spurs played at 7AM, so we were up around 6:45AM, just like a normal Monday. However, we had planned to leave for our day trip after the first half.

We grabbed Peet’s coffee before we left for our day trip to Pacifica Beach. On the road, I think we both were in denial. As we got closer and closer, it was evident that the weather was getting worse and worse. What should have been a beach day, was not looking like it would turn out that way. We found our way to Pacifica Beach, home of the beach with a Taco Bell on it. Surfer’s galore, but no sun or warmth to be found. We bundled up in the minimal warm clothing we had and made our way to the beach. J wouldn’t even sit down he was so cold. I sat there and tried to take it all in and enjoy the beach. But the mist was really thick and a layer of water was on my face and we were freezing. I found a little coffee shop for us to check out before we headed home.

We went to the first coffee shop on Yelp, but changed our mind and went to the next one I found. The little beachy street where this coffee shop was was really cute. It just looked like no one was around that day. The coffee shop was cute, but very simple – cash only style. We got one mocha to share and sat down in the warm little shop. The mocha was not good, how they have four stars on Yelp is beyond me. We decided to make our way back to sunny Sac town, instead of staying. We looked up the weather and it didn’t seem like it would get any warmer there, so we headed back home.

My coffee date!
Biggest succulent ever!

Thankfully there was no traffic going to the beach, but it was kinda traffic-y going home 🙁 We barely made it out of what could have been a really awful rear-ending situation. Finally home, we just hung around for the afternoon. I watched Gone Girl (I really liked it, but had no clue what it was about) and made some lunch. I had a graduation party for a dear friend, so I got my butt up and in gear to get ready for that. 

I accidentally made a happy face!

Roomie (re: Lacey) and I have known each other since my Red Bull days. I’ve seen her graduate Sac State and various other fun things, but thanks to social media we’ve stayed in contact. She’s picked up running, which gave us another common thing to bond over. She graduated with her Masters this past weekend and invited me to her party. I didn’t know a soul there, but made it work. I didn’t stay long, but I loved all the small details she went through for her guests. She had a legit candy bar, which I avoided, but had to snap a pic of! I can’t wait to take her out to dinner and drinks to celebrate her graduation and new job!!

Roomies por vida!
Sac State themed Candy bar on point!
Margarita, anyone?
Veggie Week approved snacks!

After a few quick errands, I was back home hanging out with J until the girls came over for a low-key girls night! When most of the girls arrived, J went upstairs to give us space (what a fella)! The Guidette, Jen, the Wench, and the Wenches little sister (re: the Slooze) came over (obviously that’s not her real name, but she enjoys that nickname)! We laughed, gossiped, and chatted, ate appetizers, pizza, lots of wine, and homemade cupcakes! It was the perfect way to end our Sunday, knowing we didn’t have to work the next day!

Because TJ’s produce sucks…
Gettin’ fancy (re: add frozen organic berries) with the white vino!

Happy Memorial Day! My day started with an 8AM workout at Midtown. After an ass kicker of a class (thanks, Tara) I headed home to meet Lil and J to go for a quick coffee and breakfast. We drove to Old Soul and enjoyed one of my fave breakfasts on the grid. After breakfast we ran to the Co-op and the Lil got to experience all the hippiness!

Trying out something new for the calf!

After we got ready, we headed to J’s family’s house for a little while. We hung out and ate watermelon. Then we headed to my family’s annual Memorial Day BBQ. It was a low key affair, but with tons of traditional summer foods! I had my suit on, but it wasn’t quite hot enough to get in. I did get to play with the Lovebugs in the water and also dip Dexter’s feet in for the first time!

After we’d been there forever and ate too much, we headed home. Again, we just relaxed and I finally got to watch Fifty Shades of Grey. I didn’t know much about the book(s), so I didn’t have any expectations. It was only okay, I’m sure I’ll watch the next one(s), but I don’t get the hype. We literally didn’t do anything the rest of the evening…and it was just what we needed!

It’s almost summer time…almost…


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