Thinking Out Loud – Short Week Style

Longest short week ever…


It’s only four days, right? Then why does it feel like it’s been six days and it’s only Thursday? Ah well, the weekend will be worth it!

My 2 Faves // Last night I had the pleasure of spending the evening with my two favorite men – J and Poppa Bear. After a couple hours at the Verizon store, we were starving! It was fun to enjoy these two, all to myself! We ate good food, drank good drinks, and watched sports. As I sat there, I noticed how content I was with both of their presence. It’s not very often I get to hang out with these two on my own, so I cherished the moment.

I Have A Problem // I rely too heavily on my unlimited data, which is no longer a thing for most people. I am ‘grandfathered’ in, which also means trap. I selfishly took one of my parents upgrades to get a new phone. Now they can’t upgrade until 2 years have passed. I’m addicted to my phone and my use of 20g of data is proof. Dare I part with this freedom of data, then I will have to start relying on random wi-fi’s. If I want to keep this plan and get a new phone before four years are up, I need to pay the full value of the phone. All in the name of ‘unlimited data‘. Obviously, this is a case of #FirstWorldProbs!

Poppa Bear learning how to take a pic and send it to someone at the Verizon store!

Delivery Days // Does anyone else get overly excited when your on-line shopping delivery(s) arrives? I purposefully don’t check the tracking so that I’ll be surprised when it’s delivered! Then when the delivery girl stops by my desk, I’m as giddy as a little kid waiting for candy! I feign surprise that I have a box coming and wait until she leaves to rip into it, in the most polite fashion of course! So needless to say, I’m excited for the little nuggets of surprises that arrived this week. 

FIFA // Well great, another reason for everyone to talk mess about soccer. If you aren’t into soccer (or sports) or haven’t been watching the news lately FIFA has been a headliner for the past two days. FIFA is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, the
international governing body of association football, futsal and beach
soccer. I’m no expert, nor have I researched this to its full extent! These are just the basics that I’ve read! The Feds (US Justice Department) set forth allegations against FIFA for racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy. They are trying to get all parties extradited, but since the parties are all over the world – this could take awhile. Another factor into this whole ordeal, is that on Friday FIFA is scheduled to vote on the next President – note there is speculation whether this will be postponed or not. The current FIFA President is Sepp Blatter (fourth term) and he is under severe scrutiny at the moment, although he has not been charged or arrested for any of the allegations. So there you have some of the bare minimum of the basics and it should be noted this is unprecedented — because the US is going after FIFA.

I recommend this article for more details if you’re interested: FIFA corruption probe targets ‘World Cup of fraud,’ IRS chief says


Basketball // Just one of those sports I don’t really care about. It’s fun to go to Sacramento Kings games and I guess you can say I’ve half-heartedly rooted for them for decades. However, I just enjoy going to a live game. I could care less about watching it on TV, but I am also a fan of supporting a local team if they make it to any type of playoff situation. For example, the A’s. I bleed Orange & Black, but I wanted to see the A’s do well in the playoffs — until or if it came time for them to play the Giants, then no way! So, I will kinda root for the Warriors, but only half-heartedly. I will root for them because they are local and it isn’t a sport that I truly care about. No bandwagon-er here, just a situational fan. By situational fan, I mean that J really enjoys basketball, so I will inevitably be watching some of the championship games and I’ll have to root for someone – or else I won’t be engaged while watching! Go Dubs!


Blackalicious // One of my fave hip-hop duo’s ever! I was introduced to them probably somewhere at the end of high school and have been enamored ever since. I fell in love after hearing Alphabet Aerobics. Please do yourself a favor and go check them out. Apparently they are from Sactown, that was news to me. They will be here on Friday for FREE at Concert in the Park (free summer concert series in Sactown)! The last time I saw them was in SLO at DTB and Gift of Gab gave me the mic to rap(ish) along with him for AA! I was so excited. When I found out they’d be at CIP this year, I made sure to have nothing planned. I’m excited to hear them live and also that they are releasing an album soon — they haven’t released one in 10 years! Go listen and be in awe… 

Living, loving, and learning…


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