WIAW – As American As It Gets

Red, white, and burgers (or baseball)!!

I love American food fare, I really do. I enjoy the luxury of being able to eat it all the time, no matter the day or the events of the day. Now, only if it didn’t come with all the calories 😉 I’m pretty sure you already know what the hell WIAW is, but if not, take a peek at where it all
started with Jenn! And if you’re bored nosy, go peep out what everyone else is eating too!

I am going to break the rules today, since I didn’t eat dinner on Memorial Day, which is where the first half of the eats come from. I chose to use last nights eats for the later part of the post. So, if I don’t make the link-up cut, it’s all good. Here goes my hybridAs American As it Gets‘ eats from Memorial day and last night! Bon appetit!

Breakfast [Memorial Day]
If you read yesterday’s post, then you already know what I did and where I went. But if you’re new, let me refresh your memory. After a kick ass workout at Midtown I went home to grab J and L for a coffee breakfast date. We went to my absolute favorite coffee spot, Old Soul. I finally caved and treated myself to a soy mocha and their English muffin breakfast sandwich!

Front – Soy Mocha, Back – Lil’s Vanilla Latte
English Muffin w/ Bacon

Lunch [Memorial Day]
At our first stop, I consumed copious amounts of watermelon….of which, I did not snap a picture. Just imagine a plate of watermelon..then poof, all gone! After we left J’s family we headed over to my fam’s for our regularly scheduled holiday BBQ. There was an entire spread of traditional BBQ goodness, I went with a turkey burger. I contemplated going sans bun, but then I remembered how much I love carbs. A few hours later, I had another burger, which is why I didn’t eat a real dinner….

Turkey burger w/ cheddar cheese and the fixin’s!

Dinner [Tuesday]
Poppa Bear and I had a date at the Yard (baseball speak for the ballpark). Well, he was planning on going to the game solo and I invited myself to join him. Yay! So, before the game started I treated Poppa Bear to the traditional baseball fare. Luckily for him, it was $1 Dogs & Dessert night. So, he opted for 2 hot dogs (re: gross) and a soda, where I went with a ‘gourmet’ burger and fries. He also put in an order for Caramel corn. That sucker was $8!! In what world do my burger and a bag of popcorn cost the same amount? I guess in Sactown at the Rivercats game!

Dinner for two!
Gourmet Burger – Bacon & Swiss Burger

During the game we also snacked on David’s Pumpkin Seeds and some Sour Patch watermelon candies that I brought with me! Poppa Bear even offered to get me some wine, but for some strange reason I declined his sweet offer. I’ll blame it on the cold weather that wasn’t supposed to be there, because I was dressed for a summer time ball game!

5/26/15 – Sacramento Rivercats vs Nashville Sounders

It was really nice to hang out with Poppa Bear and enjoy one of our favorite pastimes. We got to see some familiar SF Giants faces, especially the opposing pitcher (Barry Zito, used to pitch for the SF Giants)! An amazing night at the Yard with an amazing man!

Poppa Bear and Yo
Barry Zito on the bump for the Sounders

I could eat these meals on repeat…forever 😉


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