WIAW – Sippin on Gin && Juice

It’s really all about what happened yesterday night…

…I’ll post all my eats from yesterday, but I’m really excited to share my experience last night. PS – This is my 400th post!

But before I get into yesterday, take a peek at where it all
started with Jenn! Meet new people, see what others are eating, and join the party!

We didn’t go grocery shopping on Mother’s Day, so our fridge is bare. So, our easy go-to breakfast is Breakfast Cookies. That’s about all we have on hand, and of course coffee…always coffee..

I think I was starving all morning because I played an entire soccer game the night before, which I haven’t done in weeks. The calf was cooperating and I was able to play at about 75%. So, earlier than normal, I was starving for a snack…or two. Even though I know this cheese is shelf stable, I was still weirded out, so I ate a little and threw the rest away. Also, those pretzel thins were stale, so I ate a few and then tossed those too. The almonds were consumed about 20 mins later, since I threw most of my first snack away.

Extreme levels of lazy and indecisiveness were prevalent. After my lunch nap, I still didn’t know what I wanted to eat. So, as I was driving back to work, I decided to stop at Nations Freezer Meats and order a cheese burger and fries. Needless to say, I had food coma about 30 minutes after eating…


Dinner (kinda)
Again, with not much else to eat in the house, J whipped up some TJ’s Chicken Sausage with rice. The Guidette and L were there, so we all had one sausage a piece. The Guidette and I killed that bottle of wine (re: juice) before heading off to our event.

Dinner Part Deux
Sacramento Yelp Elite Event: Hendrick’s Gin Cocktail Academy Night #1
Here’s how our Community Manager described the upcoming event – Hendrick’s Gin, consistently rated one of the world’s finest gins, invites you down to another Elites-only mixology and drink session at The Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar.
Sip your way through cocktail variations on this award-winning spirit
in a private tasting personally hosted by Mark Stoddard, Hendrick’s
Brand Ambassador. 

Here’s what went down
This was the Guidette’s first Yelp Elite Event or any Yelp event for that matter! I love bringing newbies! When we arrived, they were still setting up, since they had two classes scheduled for the evening. We checked in, made our name tags, and laughed about seeing the Guidette’s Snap Chat crush at the bar! 

They finally let us into the patio area of RR, it was set up so cute. As we walked in they had apps to the left and the Hendrick’s girl walked up with a tray of Hendrick’s and Tonic. We set our drinks down, grabbed some apps, and found the perfect seats!

After everyone was settled, Mix Master Mike (that’s apparently his social media name) introduced himself and we received a lesson on Hendrick’s Gin. We learned some cool little facts about the gin making process. Like they use 11 botanicals for their product, they let them steep overnight, and that their process is the most laborious and costly – but it’s worth it!
After our little lesson, MMM made the first Cocktail – Cucumber Lemonade. He went through all the steps, before he instructed us to make our versions of the drink.
1 Part = 0.5 oz
Jigger = Measuring Cup for Alcoholic Beverages (I am so immature and kept laughing at that name)
Then it was our turn to make our first, of three, drinks for the evening!
Put the lemon upside down or you’ll regret it!
Take your garnish and rub it around the rim to give an subliminal aroma!
Next, it was on to drink number two. MMM wanted us to watch him, then make ours, again. This time we worked on the Hendrick’s Blueberry Delight.


We aren’t so good at paying attention, especially after two cocktails! But MMM went about his business and started discussing how to make ‘punch’ for parties. Again, he showed us how to do it, made sure we knew to have fun with it, then sent us on our merry way to make punch with our table mates!

Our drink – Naughty & Nice, group cheers!

We made MMM try our punch and he loved it! After all the other groups finished, we had another little chat and said our farewells to MMM and the RR crew. Of course we had to get a pic with MMM! He was such a great teacher and kept us entertained the entire time!

Only drink missing is the punch!

Mix Master Mike sando!

Hendrick’s Gin & Yelp goodie bag, I also stole the Jigger (but I told MMM I was going too, he approved)

So, we definitely didn’t eat enough. So we made the executive decision to hit up Willie’s Burgers, since nothing else on the Grid is open after 10PM on a weekday and I can’t get fast food. Yes, I know, this is basically fast food, leave me alone 😉 The Guidette also had her cherry popped here, two in one night! She’d never been before, so she was excited to try it! Chili Cheese Fries, please!

Making serious Snap Chat cameos with the Guidette!

Hammer 2 & Chili Cheese Fries – GF Points, brought J a burger home for post-training protein!

Turin’ it up on a Tuesday, isn’t for the ladies in their 30’s any more. I think I got up around 3AM and took some Motrin, in the event that I could be hungover in the morning. Willie’s made my stomach hurt all night, but tasted so good at the time! I’m feeling a salad for lunch today, just to balance out what I ate in the last 12 hours :/ This was by far, one of my most favorite events put on by the local Sacramento Yelp Community Leader, Alex L.! The fact that it was interactive made it most alluring. It also helped that we were still treated to small eats and plenty of booze. MMM was awesome and made it entertaining. I’m glad I signed us up for the event, they are always so different, you never know what you’ll walk into!

Snoop had it right…sippin’ on GIN and juice…laaaaaid back!


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