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Musings: Yoga for a Non-Yogi

The (Yogi) struggle is real!


Just like anything good for you…it’s hard, but worth it…right?! I fell in love with Bikram yoga over ten years ago. Then I stopped going. I tried it again about four years ago and hated it. In between that large time gap, I took a few classes, here and there, at 24 hour and various places – just basic yoga. I know it’s benefits and that it’s good for someone who lifts and runs, but I find it hard to get my booty to a class. Even more harder to invest monies into a membership at a yoga studio, let alone a drop-in rate. I also realize there is a whole different aspect of it’s spiritual nature as well, but I’m still working on relating to that.

Does anyone else have the following thoughts when trying to find their Namaste?

Before Class Starts

Ohh…I love my pretty mat! Target for the win again!

A lulu mat would be nice, but I’m not trying to do all that.

Am I too close to the person next to me?

I hope I don’t fart in class or fall asleep.

Okay, let’s get this shit started.

During Class

I wonder if the teacher see’s me watching everyone ones.

Efff…I’m like two poses behind everyone.

Boob sweat, already?

Gah, I swear I was more flexible than this.

Oh cool, I’m sweating just like a freakin’ beast, what the hell is going on?

Expletives to myself…

I thought this was supposed to be relaxing?

Don’t fart!

Is my breathing too loud?

No, I can still hear others.

I’m shaking…

That hurts!

My damn feet keep slipping!

I’m still shaking…

I guess this is better than burpees?!

I wonder what I look like…probably like an uncoordinated idiot!

More expletives…

I still want a lulu mat!

Is this over yet?

My hips don’t lie, Shakira…they don’t move at all!

Why is it so hard to lay down with my palms facing downward?

I don’t think I’m meant to bend this way…

Yes…time to sleep (re: lie here and breath)!

I totally Namaste’d this class!

After Class

Wipe sweat from boobs and forehead.

Shake head at myself and hope that no one happened to catch my wafty ways during class!

Sigh in relief that the torture is over.

Promise self to come back again.

Thank instructor.


Although these are true life moments and things I’ve said to myself, there is something physical and spiritual that I tend to take away from each session. Sometimes my experiences are more powerful than others, but I always walk away with a little bit of clarity (mostly that I need to stretch MORE) and peace. Just so no one is offended, this isn’t to mock the craft. It is just honestly what this non-flexible human thinks about when trying to maneuver my body in non-normal ways, while trying to breath cohesively…

Stop. Breathe. I think we all could do this a little more in our lives. Well, at least I can…maybe you have this down already. When I was in child’s pose, I was so in the moment it felt amazing. I also had the ‘ah-ha’ moment that I should do this at my desk at work, at home, really just any moment where I am feeling frustrated, lost, or upset. Taking the time to breath and live in the moment is something I take for granted, I get swept away in the minute details of life.

If anything, I’m learning to respect and appreciate my body – for it moves as much as I allow and train it to do so, not just what the scale says or how my pants fit. My mind speaks much more wildly than I should admit out loud or on the blog! I’m on a path to be content with myself and my body…and I think yoga is away to help stay connected with this path!

It’s like a love-hate-kinda-like type of relationship!


  • Fairy Princess Jord

    I liked reading your thoughts on yoga! I am really torn mentally when it comes to yoga. Part of me really loves it but part of me just doesn't have the patience. I can't go to yoga daily (or even really weekly)…I've tried to be a yogi but I can't commit. I do however love yoga in small doses. I attended Wanderlust once and loved it and like to mix yoga into my routine here and there. I totally believe in its benefits but it isn't a daily workout for me.

    • Musings of a Girly Tomboy

      Thanks! It's like veggies, I know it's good for me, but I don't always go/eat them! HAHA! Yes, I couldn't ever make it my sole workout, but it's great to incorporate it. I too, do get bored too…maybe I need to enjoy the relaxation instead of thinking 'busy, busy, busy'! xoxo, ganeeban

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