Every Summer has a Story…

…but our story is my favorite!

I love that saying…it rings so true. Many equate the summer ending with school starting, but for a woman already in her career I don’t have that luxury anymore. Although, there is one pretty little gal in our household we get to live vicariously through summer eyes. I guess I shouldn’t forget J too, he gets a summer break. So really, I’m the minority in our family. Maybe that’s why this summer, compared to the last few, seems so different. I’m just sitting here jealous of sleeping in, days at the park, and no cares of school (re: work) for two of the loveliest, albeit hottest, months of the year!

This summer has been the summer of small trips, that’s what I’ll always remember about the Summer of 2015! I’m not sure I can argue that long trips versus a few short trips or vice verse, is actually better. They both have their positives and less than positives, but it’s nice to switch it up sometimes.

This summer has been a really fun time exploring new cities with J and making new memories. One work-turned-fun trip and two smaller fun trips have occupied our summer so far. I’m not really counting day or weekend trips in this count, but they all have been pretty memorable. All of which you’ve seen, if you frequent this space. I won’t go into detail, as I already have, but just know that I take being a tourist very seriously. I like to fit that mold as much as possible. Almost as much as I like being a tourist, I love to eat at all the good places or try the local foods. I heavily rely on Yelp and/or recommendations from friends, fam, or the blogging world! It’s been a fun summer, to say the least…

But I like to remind myself and others, that what I (and most people) share via social media (and/or blogs) are just the highlight reel. Of course there have been arguments, tears shed, and moments I’d rather forget, but no one wants to air their dirty laundry or focus on the bad stuff. I think it’s a great reminder to myself (for those moments I sink low and start comparing myself to others I see) to reel me back into reality. We show the smiles and good times, we don’t show the less than pretty times. And that’s okay, private moments are just that, private. Yours. And yours only. My life isn’t always sugary sweet, but I work through the hard stuff, to enjoy the hell out of the good stuff!!

We ate. We traveled. We saw. We enjoyed.

What’s your Summer Story?!?

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