Hashtag. All. The. National. Holiday’s.


I love this saying. It’s so damn true. Since there’s a ‘national’ day for everything then why shouldn’t girlfriends get one too?!

If you’ve spent any time here at MOAGT (that’s an ugly acronym), then you know how much I treasure my friends – men or women. As we’ve gotten older, many of my once close relationships with my guy friends has become less and less. I know they are there and around, but we just don’t hang out as often.

With my girls, it’s a different story. I think as we get older, it is easier to connect, relate, and understand what each other are going through. Even if we aren’t on the same page (kids, marriage, careers), we still find a way to create a bond with one another. They are some of the most important relationships I have in my life.

I put a lot of emphasis on cultivating strong relationships with women of substance. I need friends who value trust, honesty, and loyalty. I’m lucky to have found women who fit this exact description, throughout many various facets of my life – but whom have all stuck around and aren’t going anywhere.

Many of these women have made multiple appearances on the blog before, but I wanted to give them some love, today…and every day!

About a month ago, Oscar Health Insurance reached out to me to remind everyone about the importance of the various health related check-ups women should make a priority during their lifetime. No compensation has been given, I just thought it was something of substance to share with my girls…and you lady readers as well. I’m not the best at being proactive in my health care regimen, so this is helpful to me too. I tend to go to the doctor to cure symptoms, not to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I’m pretty sure I don’t do any of the “routine” check-ups, as Oscar has indicated. This was a little eye opening, especially since blood pressure issues and high cholesterol run very prevalent in my family. Funny thing is, I know all of these suggestions, but I don’t make the time to go to the doctor for preventative measures. I know I should, I only have one body!

Hopefully you found this helpful in the slightest. If not, then go grab your girls and drink a few (or a lot) cocktails to celebrate #NationalGirlFriendsDay!!

Cheers to all my unbiological sisters, you amaze me day in and day out!

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