What the Hell is 5280?

Yeah, this California girl took awhile to get it.

It’s freakin Denver’s elevation — 5,280 feet, thus the nickname the Mile High City! Oh, well damn. Good to know!

People pumped up this city, so to say I felt a little disappointment would be a true statement. It also might be coupled with having spent almost a week in Chicago and an upcoming beach trip, leaving it a little less destination friendly as I would have liked. I guess, I assumed it had the hustle and bustle of Chicago. I know what you’re thinking, “Girl, do your homework!” I did, I asked people about Denver, I pinned a board, all of the basics in a pre-trip routine. No one warned me of how mundane and low key Denver would be.

I appreciate it for what it is and the new experiences J and I had together, so please don’t take my previous statements as being a brat. My random expectations were just that, random!

Anywho, since you know how my first day in Denver went down, I thought I’d share how our second day of our trip went. I was going to cram two days into one post, bu then you’d be reading forever…and ever…and ever.

So, I set my alarm to get a workout in. HAHA! Great idea, right?! Well, I snoozed through it twice, then just turned it off. So, after lounging and sleeping in, we took advantage of our delicious free breakfast from the Embassy Suites. Seriously, staying there for their breakfasts and free happy hour are where it’s at! The room was much smaller than the ones in SLO (CA), but the two of us don’t need that much space.

Made-to-order egg white omelet, everything bagel, coffee, hash browns, and coffee!

 We got ready for the day and checked out of our hotel and Ubered downtown to our next hotel. We wanted to change the scenery up, so we opted for a more central location. Although it wasn’t what we thought it would be, it was nice to experience the popular 16th Street. We decided to have his brother and fam pick us up, so we could join them in checking out the Outlets. But, before they swooped us up at the new spot, I was determined to try some good Denver coffee.

We Yelped ourselves over to Novo Coffee, which was nestled below one of the swankiest downtown residences ever. Obviously I didn’t have to go into one to know, just from the outside you could tell. I ordered a basic cold brew coffee and was awe struck by Peak Candy Co caramels. They aren’t my go to candy, but with flavors such as Earl Grey Tea, Cinnamon Horchata,  and Green Chile, I didn’t have any reason to say no.


We literally spent the entire day at the Castle Rock Outlets. Not particularly the way I’d like to vacation, but I never say no to shopping. It was fun to spend the day with J’s brother, his brother’s girlfriend, niece, and nephew. The outlets were really random, a mix of regular stores and outlet stores. We really came so the boys could check out the Nike Factory Store, but it sucked. We ended up eating Panda Express after walking halfway through the entire place. 


When we were done at the outlets, we made it our mission to get ourselves an All-Star shirt. We knew the nearby Dick’s Sporting Goods
would have them, because that’s where the Spurs had their signing on
Tuesday. Luckily, we scored and all three of us were able to get shirts.

Via // Dick’s Sporting Goods

They still had time to kill before their flight, so they parked their mini van and we decided to explore 16th Street. This is where we realized it wasn’t as great as everyone had told us it would be. A lot of commercialized, familiar places to eat and drink – basically stuff we can get in Sac. Not too many local shops. There is a Pavilion that has newer stores and a few different restaurants. We walked all the way down to LoDo, which is Lower Downtown. This is where we strolled through and turned around to walk back up towards the hotel. This section looked awesome, a little historical and a lot boughie. This is where all the Denver-esque restaurants were! We didn’t stop to eat, because they had to catch a flight, but I would have loved to spend more time down here! We ended up stopping at the Convention Center to check out the ridiculous Blue Bear! 

A view from 16th Street…
Tried to capture the Rockies and the sunset, but kinda ugly…sorry!
The MLS covered Denver with their ads!

After our “good-byes” were said, we wandered around until most of the stores were closed. Just like in Chicago, I’m such a sucker for a candy store. So, we made our way into IT’SUGAR for some fun and of course, I left with these oversized sour patch kids and avoided the yellow ones like a pro! 

Our legs were tired, because we literally walked the entire 16th “pedestrian mall” as they call it. If you’re from Sac, this is what I imagine K street looked like in its hay-day! Transients and all. They didn’t bug anyone, but they congregated in the middle of the street, where there are chairs, tables, and small water fountains for anyone to enjoy. The highlight that everyone talks about is the free trolley you can use to go-up-and-down 16th street, but we never ventured on there. 
we decided to have a really late dinner at 5280 Burger Bar. Extremely
tired legs and few options, we ate here. We were one of the few patrons
left. They server and bartender were extremely sweet and the food was
good! We even asked them to make us a cocktail using their new Cucumber
Gelato in a Moscow Mule, which they did and it was amazing!
Long Island for him and a glass of Cab Sauv for her.
Shared: Cheeseburger Egg Rolls // The 5280 Prime // Side of Fries, extra crispy of course
Fun meal menu, not so fancy dessert menu!
Almond Joy gelato in a sugar cone and a Moscow Mule w/ Cucumber Gelato!
After dinner, we couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel. We both were exhausted from being on-the-go all day. Grateful for a fun day with family and a date night, I was excited to actually explore (re: touristy) Denver the next day.

Elevation ain’t a thang…

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