Kick Rocks, PSL!

Please stop your pumpkin-scarves-Fall-leaves-rain talkin…


…until the Autumn Equinox, at least! 

From here on out, I will not let anyone take the last few days of summer away from me. Your talk of pumpkin anything is annoying. Talk of rain is only allowed this year because of our serious need for water (no, I will not abuse the D word). Otherwise I’d tell you shove it, as well.

Yes, I have some of my “basic” (as the kids are using these days) tendencies. But PSL, gloomy weather, and jonsing for the fall weather are not any of them. Scarves, yes. I have so many our downstairs closet will barely stay closed. But when it comes to Fall, I reserve the right to start celebrating when the weather actually starts to feel as such. And by the looks of it, it’s going to be well past September 23rd (the First Day of Autumn) this year.

You can keep your weird spices, mostly the nutmeg, and pumpkin flavor and texture! We just don’t vibe! I may lose friendships, followers, or readers by saying all this. But hey, I had to throw it out there. I’m not sure where my disdain form pumpkin comes from, but it is heightened with the onslaught of popularity of the PSL and it being released soon. I can’t get away from it, it’s taken over all social media outlets. I dare not even look on Pinterest, I may or may not throw my phone.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy Fall, when it’s time to enjoy Fall. I am in love with Summer, so I despise anyone who tries to diminish the last few days of my favorite season! The sun is still shinning, the temps are still reaching triple digits, it’s not time to put our bikini’s away just yet.

I will say, that although I despise this early thrist for Fall, it does mean that Apple Hill season is upon us. If you’re not from California, Northern to be specific, then you might be a little confused as to what I’m referring too. There is a city (maybe considered two cities) with rolling hills of apple orchards, vineyards, pumpkin patches, and Christmas tree farms that becomes the epicenter of tourism from approximately Labor Day weekend until December-ish. I’d say you’re un-Nor-Californian if you haven’t been, but that may be a stretch. Everything about Apple Hill screams Fall. It signifies all the fall holidays we celebrate and the fruit of fall, apples.

Everyone says Apple Hill, but what they are really thinking is Apple Donuts! These things are amazing. This may be the sole reason I don’t mind going even when it’s almost triple digits. Apple Fritters the size of my face, the cake donuts with fresh apple chunks hidden inside like little treasures, fresh apple pie, and crisp apple cider. Those are the things that scream Fall, but can be easily incorporated into my last few days of Summer.

Hopefully I didn’t offend you or your PSL lovin’ ways. But along with most of the other cool kids stuff, I just don’t dig it. You can buy all the PSL’s up when they are released (re: clog the Starbucks lines) and go about your merry way…we can still be friends, cool?!?

Wait…when are Cranberry Bliss Bars released 😉


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