Musings: Lately, Life…

First things, first!

Happy #NationalCoffeeDay!

Yes, this day deserves all the attention. The sweet, strong, and bitter nectar of the Gods deserves to be celebrated each and every day. Not only does it bring me the caffeine jolt needed on a daily basis, it tastes amazing. I know some will argue against this, but I’ll just drink their coffee then.

As I’ve aged, like fine wine (duh!) or just settled into my baller-on-a-budget ways, I drink less fu-fu and more simple styles of coffee. Back in high school and college, you could pretty much find me with the biggest cup full of an iced white mocha, brimming with calories and goodness. These days I’m content with a cup of black coffee with one scoop of cane sugar, rice or soy milk optional. Or, in the afternoon with an iced coffee, same added goodness. If I’m feeling sassy, I’ll get a soy mocha, but those babies are pricey!

Okay, on to other things lately

Cups Before the Red Cups // So Sbux decided to launch Fall cups, which precede the infamous red cups for the Holidays. The release coincided with the Autumnal Equinox, so it was fitting. Marketing 101 right there, kudos Sbux!

Saucony Kinvara 6 // Thanks to our health && wellness program, the healthier I am the more points I get. Which means I can get stuff, not quite free, because they tax me on it, but kinda free. 40% free, I guess. So I banked all my points to snag a $100 gift card to Amazon and buy the latest Kinvara’s. I’ve had them for awhile, but finally pulled them out for a 2.5 mile run with J. Sadly, breaking in new shoes and insoles is a painful event, which left me complaining about my shoes the entire run. Besides that, the 6’s seem cool. I can’t make that definitive, since I need to log more miles. But Superfeet and Saucony are still my brands of choice!

Whole Foods // They are selling coffee for $0.25 a cup for the month of September (oops, only one more day). Go get it. And then also buy a vegan donut to wash it all down with the cheap coffee. I did and I was not sad about it one bit! Probably one of my most coveted treats to myself.

Visit with Lil // J planned a little overnight trip to visit Lil and R! It was really fun and relaxing. We played Phase 10, I won! Lil and I got some quality time in the gym and then at Whole Foods (see above). Then Lil and R threw down in the kitchen for a Saturday BBQ for us. It was so amazing, I didn’t even eat dinner when we got home that evening. To make it even more perfect, there was an early afternoon Battle of the Bay game on while we chowed down. It was a short visit, but still pretty amazing to spend time with them. Next time, we’re wine tasting!

Sacramento Republic FC Playoff // I asked the soccer Gods to send me free tickets AND they did! I saw a post on IG and I went after said free tickets. Thanks to the Hacker Lab, in Sac, J and I drove straight from Lil & R’s casa to the game. Sadly, our boys in white lost to the team they beat in the championship game last year. Sucky, but they fought hard. They couldn’t finish for the life of them, but it was a great game to be at. Also, the LA Galaxy II has the least classy goalie I’ve ever seen. Although he did tweet an apology, I don’t believe it was genuine – PR slapped his hand and he obliged (only guessing). Our boys are done for the season, but we are still proud of them and glad they belong here in Sac! Glory, Glory Sacramento!

Sweets // I have been having an insane ongoing craving for sweets. This hasn’t happened in a long time, dare I say a year. All of a sudden, this monster who is on the lookout for sweets rears its ugly head, daily, it seems! I’m not sure it’s a good thing I have to work around chocolate or not, but I get to see my fair share of what’s going on in that world. You would be amazed at the various inclusions (things added too) you’ll find in chocolate. I would know, since I went on a mission to find some. Here are some new ones I found interesting. Sadly, the Chauo Chocolate didn’t live up to their tasty titles, they were just blah.  I haven’t tired the Tcho one, but I see it has Blue Bottle Coffee in it, so I’m crossing my fingers this one is tasty!

SF Giants // They took the Battle of the Bay series this past weekend, NOW all we need to do is keep winning against the Dodgers so they don’t clinch in AT&T park. That’s a lot to ask, but I hope and pray we do it. Last night we walked away with a 12th inning win, phew! Talk about heart stopping, it was a good thing I had a 10:25PM game to play, so I was distracted and didn’t sit there and bite my nails (I don’t really do that, but my stomach turns like I’m sick)! #BeatLA

Super Blood Moon // We missed it, not for a lack of trying to see it. They mentioned Sacramento might not see it, they were right. For us, at least. We tried, but too many trees in our way. Maybe if we tried to get on the roof, but even that would have not guaranteed a sighting. Good thing for social media, because I felt like I’ve seen it. Tons of gorgeous pics posted. Bummed to miss such a cool sighting!

49ers // I don’t have anything to say. It’s a sad affair with these fellas these days. 1-2. We aren’t looking so hot, but I’ll forever cheer for the Red & Gold!

Studio // Fave new app. Running Rachel posted a few pics using it and I asked her what it was and she hooked me up. I instantly downloaded it, it’s free. It’s fun and makes me feel like a faux graphic designer, only because you can edit in layers. A lot of the designs are premade and people share them with you, but you can change them as much as you want. That’s the best part, they are already made so you can edit to your hearts content. However, if you want all creative rights, you can create your own as well!

Soccer // The Women’s outdoor league started a few weekends ago. Look at my snazzy player card, seriously, it’s like a Platinum player card. They even have gold glittery ones too, we aren’t too sure why they are bedazzled like this. But it makes me laugh every time I’m handed mine before the game.

Life // It’s been pretty busy lately and October only looks busier. Last weekend was nice and slow paced, mixed with family and soccer (pretty perfect). This week however, is packed with tons of fun things and times, so is the weekend. But, always counting my blessings and being thankful for those around me and our support system.

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