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Musings: My Spade

Just calling a Spade a Spade!
Yes, I’m 32 and still get zits. Yes, I use filters and apps.

We see each others faces via social media, more than we probably see most in person. So, when people call out other people for using filters or apps, I just laugh. Yes, I’m guilty. I use them from time to time all the time. I just think it’s silly that we even care about what others are doing. We all want to put our best foot forward, I’m guessing. So yes, I’ll filter something to make my skin look better. We all have our thresholds of how far we will alter ourselves in social media. To some, none is perfect, to others, full on Photoshop is perfect. Whatever you do, you do you!

I can’t judge anyone, nor do I really care too, since I use one on occasion. Okay, that’s a lie. If you openly try to say you didn’t filter/alter an image and it’s obvious you did, then I’ll laugh about it and keep going about my business.

The homie Trin-Monies introduced me to an app called Camera360 about a year ago. We all laughed about it at the time, but that app hooks you up. Anytime you’re having a ‘bad skin’ day, that’s your go to app. I am not ashamed to admit that I’ve used it plenty of times. I’m narcissistic enough to know that I’m getting older and do not look 21 anymore. A little skin smoothing never hurt anyone. Although I don’t think I’ve used the function, I’ve definitely played around with the face shaping function. It’s hilarious, but it is just too much…that’s my threshold. Oh and ‘sexy lips’ is always a good laugh 😉

The other weekend the Guidette and I went to do yoga at the Portal. I had just come from 45 minutes of working out at Midtown. I hadn’t even cooled off and was still pretty sweaty. We started yoga, my limbs were shaking, and I kept sweating. Afterwards we were taking silly pictures with the Portal. I decided to post this one on Facebook. I didn’t alter it at all, just uploaded it with a witty caption, of course.

Then I thought, “shoot, I should have Camera 360’d that!” Well, I wasn’t going to take the time to delete the pic and put up another one, where my skin looked a little better. But I did use the magic of Camera360 just to see the difference. The Guidette and I had a good laugh about how we thought the altered one was way better. Then did an “oh well” and forgot about it!

Although we’d prefer to look as flawless as we possibly can, it’s not reality. I have nothing against apps that make you feel prettier, by fixing flaws that you deem unbearable. If that’s what you need to do, then do it. We are all the harshest critics against ourselves. If a filter or an app helps you feel a little better, then go for it. If you prefer au natural, more power to you. In the end, it’s your social media and/or picture, so you do what works best for you.

I have nothing to hide. I gladly tell friends about the Camera360 app, because it’s magical. I don’t use it on every picture, but I’ve used it plenty of times. I may be altering my reality, but I’m okay with that. Some times #NoFilter is perfect, but sometimes it’s not. I don’t want to be perfect, that’s too hard, but I also love the ability to use an app to smooth away a zit. Call me a narcissist, I’m okay with it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a little self love, especially if I’m not hurting anyone by doing it.

I live my life stuck between #NoFilter and Camera360 😉

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