You’re One In A Melon [Watermelon Themed Party]

Baller-on-a-budget, kids themed party status!

To say we were on a tight budget, is an understatement. All
our traveling bills came at once and so did a rapidly approaching
birthday party! But you make do, because that’s how life goes. In our house, watermelon goes by the name of sandia (watermelon in Spanish), so it unofficially became the ‘sandia party’ in our everyday lives and discussions!

I know I love to say how much I detest Pinterest, but it really came in handy this time around. All I had to to was type “watermelon + themed + party” and I really didn’t have to do much from there. Well, besides look through the pins and see what would work for us. Here is my Pinterest board, Watermelon Party, in case you are interested in ever throwing a watermelon themed party or you’re just nosy 😉

to forget to mention how amazing our families are, is also an
understatement. J and I, both have some pretty amazing parents who are
so generous, in all ways possible. So, thank you, for EVERYTHING!

Theme (Printed)
A long time friend and fellow baller (on the soccer field) is a graphic designer and photographer in her (very rare) spare time. Her full time job is being an awesome Mom to her handsome two little fellas. I reached out to her to see if she’d design the themed printed items for the party, which she so happily obliged. We discussed what I was looking for and she killed it! Visit Liz Bassey Studios Etsy or her website and see all her other work, she is so damn creative and I’m lucky to have her as friend and as a creative resource.

She designed pop-up tents for the food and goody bag tags. She also designed invitations, that went with the theme as well! She is so sweet. I can’t thank her enough. I didn’t have time to print them and mail them, so sadly, I emailed them out to everyone. I know, kinda tacky, but I was running out of time. I will be better prepared next time around, promise!


As for decorations, we were keeping them minimal. At first I thought I’d stick with a more pink watermelon theme, but since we are at the end of Summer…the decorations available  dictated what color we went with. Also, when someone is helpful enough to help you and finds supplies for your theme, you gracefully accept it (even if its from a place you never shop from, re: Wal-Mart)! The table cloths that were found were more of a red hue, so I went with that. I was conflicted with trying not to look Christmasy, but I think it all turned out quite nicely…

Wal-Marts selection.

I thought it would be fun to have it at my childhood pool hangout, even though our family were never members there we always made it in somehow. They have one huge, lap pool with two diving boards – high and low. They also have a kiddie/baby pool, BBQs, a sand volleyball court, a playground, one tennis court that also can be used for basketball, and plenty of space for lots of people. It was the perfect venue for our group and the party! Also, I wouldn’t have to decorate too much, since it’s outside and we used picnic tables.

Since watermelon is a perfect summer BBQ food, we decided to run with that theme. We kept it simple with hamburgers and hot dogs. However, Poppa Bear and Momma were kind enough to make BBQ tri-tip and also make their famous potato salad. Poppa bear even drove out to Sloughhouse (really called Davis Ranch) to get fresh corn for everyone, he’s so amazing! We made sure to have the fixin’s for the burgers and also cheese, because cheeseburgers are amazing! We had chips, fresh salsa, and some veggies to nosh on. Feeding 40 adults and 30 kids gets expensive, so we tried to keep it simple and not too expensive.

On Friday, Poppa Bear called to see if we needed any last minute things. He decided to surprise J with nacho cheese and chili, since J always talks about nacho cheese! The generosity that Poppa Bear shares with us all, is insane. So, all the thoughts (re: stress) of not feeding everyone, were at bay AND J would be excited for the new addition.

Birthday Cake
Lucky me, again. I have a friend who is super talented and creative, when it comes to cakes. I sent her ideas fro my Pinterest board and then she made it all happen. The pictures sums it all up, how awesome did they all come out?

Too Goody Bag or Not?!?
When you’re on a budget, it has to be the simplest thing to cut out. But I feel guilty doing that, so I made really small bags with candy – sorry parents! Everything that went inside was watermelon flavored, sorry kids who don’t like watermelon. Not only was time a factor, but also the budget. Here is what I added:

  • Extra Watermelon Gum [Dollar Tree] – 4 5-piece packs for $1.00
  • Watermelon Flavored Frooties [Party City] – 15 for $1.00 (2 per bag)
  • Watermelon Flavored Jolly Ranchers [Party City] – 15 for $1.00
  • Watermelon Flavored Dubble Bubble Gum [Party City] – 15 for $1.00
  • Hard Watermelon Candies [Party City] – 15 for $1.00
  • Watermelon Flavored Charms Mini Pops [Party City] – 15 for $1.00

Party Time
The day of went without any issues, stress, or craziness. J’s brother hooked us up with some ice, which we swooped up right before we headed to the party. We were able to arrive an hour early, which gave us plenty of time to set-up. Poppa Bear, Lil, and the Guidette were all there to assist in this process. Also, J’s friend showed up fairly early and helped out a bunch too. With so many hands, everything got done fairly quickly. It also helped that we reserved five tables the night before.

Poppa Bear made shop at the grill and started right away. The rest of us set up the party area. One table dedicated to just food with the ice chests lined up right next to them. They were labeled, stocked, then cooled own by all the ice we picked up. The other four tables were for eating, which we placed the watermelon table clothes on. Then the Guidette did her thang and set up the cake and cupcake table, also where I added the goody bags. Lastly, we grabbed one more picnic table for presents, since throwing them on the ground didn’t look really aesthetically pleasing.

In addition, I brought all the beach towels we had and also sunscreen for anyone who may have forgotten it. We grabbed lawn chairs and asked everyone to bring their own as well. There was also a lot of green grass (not common with the CA drought these days) for the kids to play in and we added a little kids golf set, a volleyball, and a couple of soccer balls my cousin brought. This was all in addition to the pool and the two diving boards, which occupied most of the kids attention. It also helped that there weren’t a lot of the regular members there that day, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves!

Not one of these pictures, well maybe the cake and cupcakes picture, does the party justice! It shows you little bits and pieces of the theme and day, but it does nothing to convey the love, happiness, and great vibe our family and friends experienced.

I sat there in awe of how amazing our support system is. A lot of last minute planning happened, but everyone helped us pull off a great party. Everything came together and the theme worked out perfectly. I can’t say thank you enough to everyone for making the day super special for an amazing little girl, but I will try my hardest. I can’t wait until I get to do it again next year, but I’ll plan much, much better!

I think I might have liked the theme a little more than the actual birthday girl…

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