We've Been BOO'ed

And it’s the best feeling, ever!

Yet, some how I forget about it every single year…until it happens to me!

The last handful of Halloween’s B & M have always left me a fun little surprise. But this year, we had a different little ghostly ghoul surprise us!

Never been BOO’ed before? Sorry! But here it is, super simple and such a sweet gestures.

Make a goody bag of any sorts – big, small, candy, themed, whatever you want or can afford. Add a note, which you can Google or use the one we were left this year. Drive to your family or friend’s house, set the package down on the doorstep, ring the bell, and run. Oh yeah, make sure to have the note and the “I’ve Been BOO’ed” visible.

I’m sure there are tons of variations of being BOO’ed, but this seems the easiest and most logical for anyone wanting to try it.

After a quick Google search, I found which has everything you could ever want to know  about BOOing:

  • Printables – Various versions and colors
  • Examples of BOO bags
  • FAQ, in case you have more questions!
  • The BOO Poem, I guess it’s a legit thing…
Of course, Pinterest is full of ideas too. Get your search on, you’ll find it all there…

I missed the actual BOO part, but when I got home from dinner with a girlfriend I knew something was awry. On the ground, at our front door, there was a bunch of orange squiggly stuff. I thought maybe J got an early birthday present and went about my business. Then I walked in, set my purse down, and noticed the cauldron of goodies on the dining room table. I knew right then and there, we’d been BOO’ed. This was new to J, so I’m glad he was home when the doorbell surprisingly rang!

Here is our BOO-er’s version of what happened. Kaelyn is B’s little sister and has been vlogging for a few years. Please skip to about 1:40 to miss the first part of her day OR watch the craziness that is Kaelyn! Enjoy!

This years treat was super cute and I really, really loved the adult theme they incorporated.

By adult theme, I mean adult beverages and beverage holders. The wine glasses are seriously the cutest thing ever.

Along with those goodies, there was also candy, the cutest candy corn suckers, and stickers. They also got crafty and added a little crow that makes noise when you make any movement near it. I love being BOO’ed, it really is awesome, no matter what goodies we are surprised with!

Time to go BOO it forward!

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