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…and Like That It’s Over!

Christmas has come and gone…
…just like that. If you remember correctly, I was trying to find my Christmas spirit on Christmas Eve. Shortly after I wrote/posted that, it started to sink in and magically I began to start feeling more in the spirit. Maybe it was just saying it out loud (well, really writing it) that made snap out of it. Maybe the super relaxing pedicure that was pure bliss also helped. But by Christmas Eve I was in the full Christmas spirit and ready for all the celebrations ahead.
Christmas Eve w/ J’s family.
This long weekend was exactly what I needed. Family time. Family time. Friend time. Lets just say 3.5 days was not enough for this gal. I really wish I could have just taken off the week from Christmas Eve until the beginning of the year. But, I’m saving up my vacation time for some fun stuff in 2016!
I think what I really needed was some Ohana time, which is exactly what I got this weekend. They are good for my soul, no matter how crazy they are. To be honest, in most facets of life we are nowhere near crazy, but it’s fun to call them crazy. Each and everyone in my family is so generous and Christmas is when they really like to show it. We always set a limit, but everyone seems to go over it. Every. Year!
Christmas Morning, first time hosting!
Kids cook breakfast, parents relax!
Technically we had four Christmas celebrations, so by the end of Friday evening, I was exhausted. But I didn’t care, because the entire day was spent with family, both families.
Family selfie stick strikes again!
Sissy’s & a selfie stick!
Ganeeban Girls, poor Momma and her hurt arm!
Smiling with teeth!
Nerf guns and lovebugs!
Typical harassment!
Now that I’m looking back on it, I may have spent more time in the car this weekend, versus actually doing anything. We went to visit the Lil so the fellas could go watch Star Wars. The girls had girls date planned for a different movie, but it was sold out 🙁 So we shopped and ate instead, not a bad consolation prize! Then the Lil and her Man gave us the royal treatment for dinner – ribs, mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes, garlic bread, rice, and maple bacon baked beans. To top it off, there was an apple crumble for dessert, which we all had some, but barely had room in our stomachs.
Love my new beanie from J’s mom!
Bubbles Road trip is our once a quarter trip so the Guidette can get her shipment for MUMM. It’s nice being her friend, she has perks 😉 I tend to tag along when she needs to get her bubbly, then we make a day out of it. This time we hit one other winery and then grabbed something to eat. It was the finishing touch to make the long weekend perfect for my soul. Lots of family and a little friend time is the perfect combo.
It’s cheesy but true, the Christmas spirit isn’t about what’s under the tree, but who surrounds it!

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