Girls Night – A Year in Review {2015}

Our Girls Nights > Yours

That sounds a little cocky, but I believe it.

On Thursday night, after everyone had left besides Care and the Lovebug, I sat on the couch watching him jump around and felt a cloud of happiness and contentment settle over me. I absolutely LOVE hosting December girls night. It forces me to have my decorating done the weekend after Thanksgiving, because I know all the girls will be over. But this is also my favorite time of the year and I love to see so many amazing humans in my house, happy, loud, and laughing!

I thought I’d take a look back at the last 12 months and see what trouble our crew got into:

January 2015 – My House – Nacho Bar
Lili & I
February 2015 – Kelly’s House – Chicken Skewers
March 2015 – Out – Didn’t happen 🙁
April 2015 – Mima’s House – Mexican Themed
May 2015 – Angie’s House – Pasta Themed
June 2015 – Carolyn’s House – Taco & Nacho Bar
July 2015 – Lisa’s (Parents) House – BBQ for the families
August 2015 – Maddie’s House – Breakfast Themed
September 2015 – Angie’s House – Pizza
October 2015 – Out – Jack’s Urban Eats
November 2015 – Carolyn’s House – Thanksgiving Themed
December 2015 – My House – Pasta Themed

After searching for whatever photo’s I had from each girls night this year, one thing is obvious – I always take an USie with one of the Lovebugs. Also, our group photos are sporadic and we don’t always take them. Sometimes we set up the timer, sometimes we have one of the littles take it, sometimes we recruit a complete stranger, and sometimes we forget. If you don’t post a pic, it didn’t happen, right? The social media age! I completely forgot we didn’t do a GN in March, made me a little sad. But all in all, we’ve done an amazing job being consistent with a only two missed months in total, I think!

Thank you, Ladies!
Thank you for always letting me host December.
Thank you for rejuvenating me every first Thursday of the month.
Thank you for showing me that our friendships mean something to each of you. 
Thank you for your time, which is precious and I appreciate you carving out some for our monthly ritual.
Thank you to your husbands, boy friends, and baby daddy’s for respecting our/your time and helping with the kids, the houses who host, and the food. [Your support for our monthly gatherings doesn’t go unnoticed, even if we sit there and mock you all night ;)]
Thank you for each of your different personalities and being true to yourself.
Thank you for showing the littles what strong friendships with women look like.
Thank you for opening your homes to all of us.
Thank you for cooking and/or buying food to feed us for 12 meals out of the month.

As I write this, I realize that I treasure these few hours once a month more than I’ve ever cared to give thought to. They go by so fast, but I always leaving with a huge smile, feeling content, and just overall blessed. I love how our kids have become friends too and rely on their time together. Something so simple in nature, yet hard to actualize, is rewarding when it comes to fruition.

First Thursday’s are forever my favorite now!

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