Ganeeban Runs…AGAIN!

Say whaaaat?

Yup, you read that correctly. Sunday is the day.

Sunday is when I officially start training for the upcoming Blue Diamond Shamrock’n Half Marathon, which goes down on March 13th, 2016. This race is memorable for me for a few reasons. It was my first half marathon in 2008. It was my first half marathon with J in 2014. It was my Mom’s first ever half marathon in 2014, which was something I didn’t think I’d ever see her complete. The course is right in my backyard. AND the sponsor just happens to be my employer!

 Sometimes you get work perks and this race is one of them for me. I almost, just almost feel obligated to run this race every year. Seeing as how my company is the title sponsor and everyone in the office knows I run, it’s almost sacrilege that I don’t do it. It should be noted, they were my supporters and through my whole, long journey during my first full marathon. They associate me and running, closely!

This year was no different. Although I’m not in ‘running’ condition, I’m going for it. Not only am I going for it, I’m hoping to PR. But, honestly, who isn’t hoping that when they run a race? Another reason I’m kinda excited to start this training cycle, is because I need to lose weight. Yes, NEED! I’m too fluffy around the middle and this extra weight needs to go. I am assuming, as I do with every training cycle, that I will shed some pounds. I have some exciting things happening this year and I need to be as svelte as possible, but ALL the burgers, ALL the chips, ALL the bacon!!

Since I’ve trained with Feet Fleet Sacramento (if you’re local and interested, here are the deets) before, I know the routine. I’ve only done it once, but I can’t imagine it would be too far off from what their full marathon training requires, minus half the distance. Yes, I can run a half marathon without training, there is no denying that. But this go-around, I need accountability, which was evident after my Napa experience. Left to my own devices, I’m not so good lately. This wasn’t always the case, but it is now.

My Goal: PR the half marathon distance, get under 1:53 (what I did at Nike Women’s)

Realistic Goal: Get under 2hrs.

I’m hoping and assuming that this training program will get me going and motivate me, which is why I think I can PR this race. However, my conditioning is no where near where I was for Nike Women’s in 2013. So, it’s a toss up. Last year with no training, J and I did a 2:20 (I think), so I know with training I should get a sub 2, but that elusive PR could be a stretch.

If I can do an 8:30min/mile, I will PR. If I do a little shy of a 9min/mile I will be sub 2. Seems doable and I’m committing myself to training. Here and NOW!

I know the excuses will come, but I feel if I put it out here to you (re: the readers) will stay accountable. I know El Nino is here and roaring, but I have to run through the tough weather. There is no guarantee that race day will be perfect weather, it could be El Nino-ish as well. So, I need to suck it up and just train through whatever weather happens each day! I won’t give up my T/TH Midtown sessions, but I most likely will only go on those days during training. FF training usually has one mid-week day training, usually speed work. Then you meet on a weekend day for your long, easy run. However, there are scheduled runs during the week, which you are responsible for during your own time.

I need to stay dedicated. I need to stay focused. I need to not let excuses be something I rely on. I need encouragement from friends, family, and J. I also need to find it within myself to get it done.

If you’re interested in following along in my journey, I’ll probably use the hashtag #GaneebanRuns or #Ganeeban13. I haven’t fully decided yet, but I intend to flood your timelines with my runs and such, as I did for my full marathon training. You have been warned.

Here we GO…again…


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