I Hate the FitBit!

Yup, I said it out loud.
If you own one, you may want to stop reading.
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I can’t stand (re: potentially slightly jealous) that a company can sell an extremely overpriced piece of plastic and the world can think they are getting healthier.

Before you rip my head off. Yes, getting active is good for EVERYONE, I have absolutely no issue with that fact, I hope you would know that I encourage it, wholeheartedly. If your little plastic bracelet that sets up challenges and tracks your movement gets you going, then I’m grateful it’s getting you active. But I still hate it.

Seeing so many people with that expensive hunk of junk on their wrist grinds my gears. The fact that people think owning one and walking steps will magically make you healthier and skinnier irritates me. I know that not everyone that owns one has this mentality, but those people are probably more engaged in physical activity and overall more knowledgeable about healthy and wellness. Or maybe not. Maybe I have this whole thing wrong.

FitBit is a marketing win, a marketers dream! They’ve been around for awhile, but not until more recently have them become super popular. Their marketing team had done fabulous, from the WOM movement to making their product seem hip and trendy for plenty of age groups and both sexes. From what I can see, from those around me, you can buy accessories which change the color, you can challenge friends and family, you can sync it to your phone, and other stuff that I am fully unaware of.

I don’t need a plastic bracelet to tell me I need to be more active. I don’t need a plastic bracelet to  remind me that I need to burn more calories than I consume in a day, to lose weight. I don’t need a plastic bracelet to tell me how many steps I walked in one day, giving me false hopes that I’ll loose weight if I take 10,000 steps in a day.

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I’m really not sorry for my snarky attitude with these stupid things, but I am sorry if offend you. I just think it’s another gimmick to get people to believe there is an easy, magical way to lose weight. There isn’t. Your Fit Bit isn’t going to tell you to put down the french fries after you took your afternoon walk. Your Fit Bit isn’t the one squeezing into a bikini for summer so it has no emotional attachment to you or your progress. It’s an over priced tool that doesn’t seem to provide much helpful or useful information, besides the steps you take.

Okay, I don’t own one, so there maybe some fancy options that I don’t know about. Doesn’t one of them track your sleep patter or hours? That’s cool, but I can do that with a clock, or really, my alarm does that for me. Sorry, the snark is real right now. I just, can’t stand them!! And they’re ugly…just wear a watch, preferably a Kate Spade one 🙂

So, FitBit, you lookin’ for ambassadors?


  • Jennifer Marsh

    I had the one that tracked your sleep too and it was really just a fancy, expensive pedometer. The information I got from myfitnesspal that synced with the fitbit app was more informative for my fitness goals. On top of that, mine stopped working, and then the replacement stopped working. All in all, if you want to count steps, buy something cheaper.

  • Kristen

    Haha, this post made me laugh. Love the honesty. I personally don't understand the whole fitbit thing. My phone actually has a program that will count my steps (if I want). I prefer to track miles and workouts. If you are going to spend that much money, why not just purchase a Garmin?

    I'm curious, what brought on this "Fitbit" post?

    • Musings of a Girly Tomboy

      I agree, tracking workout and miles work better for me. Steps wakes seems irrelevant, but I understand to some that is their starting point and motivation. Seriously, no GPS function seems like a waste of money. J and I laughed and talked about them because of host co-workers, my best friends have them, they are everywhere! I've been meaning to write it as a topic, but it slipped my mind until I saw a co-workers crazy big one on her wrist recently! Glad you enjoyed my honesty! Xoxo, ganeeban

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