Diary of a Non-Cook: Applesauce Muffins

I guess, it should really say Non-Baker!

Growing up, I enjoyed baking during the long, boring days of summer…before I had access to a car. I was obsessed with baking peanut butter cookies. It was my go-to when I was bored. My current state of baking consists of buying the pre-made, pre-sliced dough at the store. Breaking it apart and putting it on a cookie sheet and WA LA! Cookies in 10 minutes or less. It’s always fun for the Wench and I to see if one or both of us will bear cookie dough when we hang out.


During some random Pinning excursion, I came across the ever easy, family-friendly Apple Sauce Muffins: A Favorite Family Recipe, from Rebecca at Simple As That Blog. The post is incredibly cute and encourages you to bake with kids. I’ve been trying to save this recipe for a weekend we have L, but she was too engrossed in doing Elves Legos with J that I ended up making them myself.

Can I please sit here for a second and complain about the fact that Target does not sell jars of freakin’ apple sauce?! I went to three and all of them only had the individual serving sizes, I was so annoyed. Of course, every time I went to the conventional store I completely spaced on getting apple sauce too. Oh and then me also thinking I had ‘Baking Powder’ and really only having ‘Baking Soda’ was also a real inconvenience. Luckily J is so awesome, he went back to the store to grab me some, so I could finish the muffins on Saturday night…now that’s love 😉

I was also excited to use the Valentine’s Day muffin liners (I seriously just drew a huge blank on what those stupid things were called)!

I really enjoyed her post for two main reasons; 1) The ingredient list was really small and easy to manage and 2) She really emphasized how to incorporate a child into the baking process. Some of her tips were so simple, but at times we need to be reminded of the simplicity of life – patience for the mess that would be made, lack of control and let the kids have tasks/jobs, and to plan ahead so the process doesn’t take extra long with the little hands helping with everything.

We all know I’m a little sketch in the kitchen and I follow a recipe to a T, so when hers didn’t tell me exactly how long to bake the muffins, I was a little distraught. Okay, not really, but I set the timer for 8 minutes, then kept doing increments of 2 minutes, until they looked ‘golden’ enough for me. I think in total, I ended up baking them for 12 minutes. L really wanted to try the batter, but I forgot to remind her it was a muffin, not a cupcake, so she assumed the batter would be super sweet. It wasn’t and she was not happy.

In the end, she was. They came out delicious. J killed a few of them too. I think the winning factor is when they are warm, you dip them in melted butter, then into a sugar and cinnamon mix for a lovely top. That really gives the muffins their goodness (re: unhealthy factor). Oh well, they are easy to make, don’t require too many ingredients, and are kid-friendly for the kitchen — that’s a pretty sweet trifecta to me!

I see another batch of these being made in the very near future!


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