Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n – Week 6

Is it race day yet?

I just want to get it over with! HAHA, I still have four weeks, but I just want to get the damn run over with. Seriously, I let training get into my head way too much. I dread the training runs, which leads me to be anxious about what day it is and what miles I run. Serious case of first world probs over here. I’m ready to get the 13.1 miles out of the way!

Monday Schedule: Cross Train or 3 Miles Easy
Monday Actual: Indoor Soccer in the PM

Tuesday Schedule: Fleet Feet Fun Run or 30-45 Mins Easy

Tuesday Actual: Nada
Wednesday Schedule: 5 Mi Easy
Wednesday Actual: 5.02 Mi
Soaked after it started pouring @ mile 4
Thursday Schedule: Rest
Thursday Actual: Midtown in the AM & Outdoor Soccer in the PM
Another birthday celebration, post workout treat!
Friday Schedule: 6 Mi Easy
Friday Actual: Midtown in the AM & Indoor Soccer in the PM

Saturday Schedule: 5 Mi Easy + 5 @ GHMP
Saturday Actual: Nada, put it off until Sunday
Play, instead of run!

Sunday Schedule: Rest or Cross Training

Sunday Actual: 10.15 Mi, course was too tough for Sat’s schedule — 5 Mi downhill, then 5 Mi uphill 

I missed most of the weekday runs, but managed to get the Wednesday run in. I was surprised that it wasn’t a speed workout, which I’m used to seeing on the schedule! Ended the week extra strong with Midtown workouts and unexpected soccer games, so Saturday AM long run didn’t happen. I had every intention of getting up to go to the FF training run, but I woke up with a headache and knew my body was tired. So I opted to sleep in and relax, but was motivated to get it done on Sunday. J ran his 10 on Saturday, so I had to get mine in on Sunday!

To say I carb loaded before Saturday might be a slight understatement. But then I had to do it one extra night, since I put off the run. Oh well, I love carbs! I had been dreading the 10 mile run all week, just like this week I’ll probably dread my 11 mi run too. But, I was honestly surprised at how it went down. When I arrived they were in the middle of saying how the Saturday group said the run was really hard. The coaches even admitted the course was hard. Essentially it’s 5 miles of downhill, turnaround, then 5 miles uphill. Some steep inclines and some gradual uphill, but mostly uphill for the last half of your mileage for the day. That being said and me already dreading 10 miles, I expected a hard run. BUT, it wasn’t that at all. I’m still surprised.

More carbs!

Maybe it was my nutrition during the run (2 Hammers and a salt pill) or the timing of my nutrition, maybe it was the extra rest day on Saturday, maybe it was all the carb loading. I don’t know, at all. But it all clicked. The uphill was hard, but it wasn’t as hard on my body as I thought it would be. A little self talk and perseverance up the hills was all it took. It probably helped that I know this course well, it was used during marathon training a few times, so as I was running it, all the memories of the roads, turns, and hills came back. I kept expecting my legs to cramp and me to slow down (which I did on some of the uphills), but it never really did. I even finished running the last bit in a 9 min pace. 

I was completely surprised to see a ‘nine’ in my average pace for the run. Even though it was 00:03 away from a 10 min/mi average, I’ll still take it as a win. Especially with a 22% grade, if I remember correctly! I ended the running week great, even if it didn’t start out too strong!

Just keep runnin’…  

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