Ganeeban Runs Shamrock'n – Week 7

I see the finish line…

…well, since our training program is going down in miles, I do! The one pain in my ass (figurative, not literal) is that this training session always runs through my birthday (and Lent). So, some years I sacrifice training to party my little birthday heart out and some years I take it easy to stay consistent with my training. I’ve done both spectrum, but I’m not sure if my race time and those decisions correlate. The worst or good part, depending on how you look at it, is that my birthday celebration is usually the weekend before the race (at times two) when we start our decline in mileage to prep for the race. I’m getting a little ahead of myself, since it really pertains to this weeks training, not last weeks.

Monday Schedule: Cross Train or 3 Miles Easy

Monday Actual: Indoor Soccer in the PM

Tuesday Schedule: 30-45 Min Run Easy

Tuesday Actual: Midtown in the AM

Wednesday Schedule: 6 x 1/2 Mi @ T Pace w/ 1:30 Rec.

Wednesday Actual: 6.01 Miles, 1 Mi W/U, 6 x 1/2 Mi @ 80% (or more) w/ 1:30 Rec., 1 Mi C/D

Thursday Schedule: Rest

Thursday Actual: Midtown in the AM

Friday Schedule: 4 Miles Easy w/ 5x Strides

Friday Actual: Nada

Saturday Schedule: 11 Miles Easy

Saturday Actual:

Sunday Schedule: Rest or Cross Training

Sunday Actual: 2 Outdoor Soccer Games

Finally, not that it has anything to do with running, but I actually went to all (two, count them) of my regular Midtown workouts. I’ve been skipping at least one day and then feeling really guilty about it, but not this week — my motivation was peeking for some reason. I’ll take it! But, that also meant less mileage on the week days, it’s a trade off.

I had the heaviest legs on Wednesday for our speed workout, which made it a little mentally difficult. I wanted to go faster, but my legs felt like they had 10 pound weights…on each damn leg! Well, I got through it and used a little self talk to count down each speed session. I was really excited to see 8:XX pace on the speed sections, because it felt like I wasn’t going at that pace at all. I tried not to gas myself out after the first speed set and focused on getting faster with each set, but I think my fastest was my 5th one. Sometimes its hard to chill out in the recovery mode, I found myself going a little too fast when I should have been recovering, which correlated with my speed for the set. Duh! I know, too obvious, but sometimes you forget this stuff when you’re actually doing it.

Welp, I had ever intention of doing the 11 Miles on Saturday AM, but then I had a little too much fun at the Taste of McClatchy fundraiser for my nephew. Needless to say, I wasn’t getting up early to run 11 Miles. J and I kept saying we’d run them later in the day, by 7:30PM we knew it was a lost cause. So, our longest run for training will be 10 Miles, but I think that should be decent. It will have to be!

Love my crazy family!

Sometimes training is mentally exhausting, pardon while I whine a little. Debating if I should go to an extra Midtown workout on Friday morning, knowing there will probably be squats involved, even though I have my longest run (to date) the next day? Do I lift light and go to Midtown or skip it all together? Do I enjoy my father/daughter fundraiser date with Poppa Bear and indulge in extra wine and food the night before my long run? All things that go through my mind during a training cycle. But the bright side of the mental part of training, is CARBS. All the carbs! J asked, “You carbload for 11 miles?” I scoffed at him and told him, “Damn straight I do!” Anything from 6 to 8 miles I won’t generally, but 8 to 9 miles I will eat a little extra, but anything after 10 Miles I carb it up like my life depended on it! Seems to be working out for me…

It’s all down (mileage) hill from here!

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