Ganeeban DOES NOT Run Shamrock'n

I’m sure my pessimistic running attitude has been shining through lately.

Well, as I sit here on this gloomy Sunday afternoon. I’m a little sad, but mostly relieved that the race has come and gone without me. I’m bordering the line of a bad allergy bout, slight sinus infection, OR simply getting sick. I haven’t been able to figure it out exactly. I could have run the race. Let’s just make that clear. I could have done it, but I chose to not too to stay as healthy as possible for our upcoming trip. It wouldn’t have been fast, but I would have crossed the finish line. Also, this weather was not something I wanted to run in. Been there, done that. Three to four days of straight rain and not feeling the best, meant that I threw in the towel.

So this race recap will be a little unorthodox, since I never ran the race. I did, however, go through the motions like I was going too. 

I guess I should re-cap my last training week prior to the race.

Monday Schedule: Cross Train or 3 Miles Easy
Monday Actual: Indoor Soccer in the PM

Tuesday Schedule: 30-45 Min Run Easy

Tuesday Actual: Orange Theory Fitness class w/ the Bestest

Wednesday Schedule: 3 x 1/2 Mi @ T Pace w/ 1:30 Rec.

Wednesday Actual: 2.57Mi Run, no speed work

Thursday Schedule: Rest or Cross Training

Thursday Actual: Midtown in the AM

Friday Schedule: 2 Miles Easy w/ 5x Strides

Friday Actual: Indoor Soccer in the PM

Saturday Schedule: Rest

Saturday Actual: Rest

Sunday Schedule: RACE DAY

Sunday Actual: Did not run in race!

Now, on to a recap of a non-race!

Like I mentioned earlier, I went through the motions with J, in the event that I decided to actually run the race. But I’d been saying I probably wouldn’t all week, but I think there was a small competitive side in me that wanted too. But once the symptoms of sickness set in, I was over it.

Friday afternoon they sent out an emergency email detailing a course change. Since the rain was threatening flooding certain areas, the race needed to be rerouted. The course change sucked, but I guess it’s cool they were able to still keep the race alive with the changes so quickly. It meant that the runners would only be running on the Grid the entire time and they would be running against running traffic as an out and back.

J and I picked up our packets at our local Fleet Feet, which is how 99% of our races go. We browsed around a bit, then headed out to the rainy tent in the back to grab our shirts, free Rivercats tickets, beer bracelets, and personalized bibs.

Saturday was spent out and about, but also trying to take it easy. We had carb loading dinner plans with B, his wife M, and their cutie pie! They were making the pesto pasta and salad, we were in charge of a red sauce pasta and garlic bread. We basically all went to TJ’s right before dinner and grabbed our stuff to curate a meal. However, M did make the pesto from scratch and it was garlicky and amazing! We all shared two bottles of red over the course of dinner and post dinner. The fellas are obsessed with two video games – tap, tap, swipe (don’t ask) and FIFA. So as we sat there talking they played about four games of FIFA after dinner. We all chatted about the race, a little soccer talk, and laughed a lot. It was a lovely dinner, even though it was storming outside!

Race morning.

But first I should mention, Day Light Savings time. Thank goodness our iPhone’s change on their own and I don’t have to add that to the list to worry about. Even though I wasn’t running, I still couldn’t sleep until the alarm went off, because I still had to make sure I got J to the race and I that I was an excellent supporter. I had race jitters for him.

Out the door, we found legit parking (potentially illegal for us since we didn’t live there). But we didn’t have far to get to the start line. I brought my bib with me, so I could essentially hangout in the shoot with J before the race. Before you judge, I made sure to stay out of the way of the runners and I didn’t obstruct anyone running or getting a good start to their race. I saw my co-workers and a few friends getting ready to start and all the well wishes were given. Kisses for J and he was off .

This was my first time spectating/cheering him on for an entire race. I wanted to see him in a few spots, since the course was re-routed last minute and only on the Grid now, it would be easy to do so. After we parted ways at the start line I was able to see him right before mile 5, which is where I grabbed his gloves and ran a block or two with him. This also where I saw the lead runner already looping his way back from the out and back. It was a running mess, I felt bad for him as the lead runner, but he a a comfortable lead. I then ran over to my work, where the course goes through our facility and cheered for him there. I forgot my badge, so I didn’t go to the main cheering section. I was able to see him twice here, since they made a loop around the facility. On the first sighting he handed me his handheld water bottle, then once he finished the loop I gave him just his gu and took his water bottle. I had planned to surprise him one more time, but FAILED miserably. To get where I wanted to go, I needed to park a few streets over, but completely forgot that fact when I got out of the car. I rushed over three blocks, but I had missed him! Ugh, I knew this because I saw two running friends who had been behind him for most of the race. I was so bummed I couldn’t pull off the surprise! Oh well.

So I made my way to the Bestest house, who lives right next to the Stadium. She let me park in her driveway, which meant we’d avoid all the traffic leaving the congested parking lots! Thanks, Wench! I parked and actually (forgot that I did kind of surprise him again) got to see him and B as I was walking to the stadium. I was waiting right before the mile 12 marker and saw B come through. I cheered him on and told him to go fast and finish. Shortly after, I saw J. He was struggling a bit so I ran with him to the mile 12 marker and encouraged him to finish strong.

Then I walked back to the finish and waited. I got some pics of B coming in, then I recorded J coming through the finish. It was fun to cheer at every stop I made. I have no shame, because when I’m on the course I smile when someone cheers for me, especially if its directed at me. It’s so helpful and motivating. I tried to remember that whenever I am cheering or spectating a race. Those words, those claps, those smiles help. They help a lot, in case you were wondering.

The fellas grabbed their beers. I peed in a bathroom that was marked “Women,” but clearly just for the race. There were three rows of urinals and it weirded us all out, questioning whether we were in the correct bathroom. We were. We had a decent walk back to the car, but the guys made their way slowly.

We ended up deciding to meet M and the baby at Firestone Public House for brunch. I sure at like I was racing before and after! J and I shared a burger and the cheese steak, while sipping on beer and a Kir Royale! It was a great way to relax and try to thaw out and remove wet clothing after two hours of being in the rain – as a runner and a spectator (okay, I wasn’t out there quite two hours).

So, thanks for sticking around through post after post about my training for a race I did NOT run. I don’t plan on running another half this year. I have a few smaller races on the calendar, but that it is. I’m really thinking of investing my time and money in tri’s, but we shall see what this Spring has in store for me!

Spectating is just as much work as racing…

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