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Guest Post – Friending In Your Own Way

We all have that crazy, friends little sister, right?!?

I honestly can’t believe this is my fifth guest post. I am so grateful that my friends are willing to challenge themselves and write a post for me. Each one of them has mentioned how finding the time and actually finding a topic were the hardest elements. Regardless, they have written beautiful, honest, and insightful posts for me. One less post I have to write ;)If you’d like to read the others, here are the links:

If you’re lucky enough (like me), then you have one of these weirdo’s in your life. One of my best guy friends, B, has a little sister, Kaelyn. Who is actually the same age as my little sister. We all went to and graduated from the same high school. Warrior pride, baby! As we’ve become older and the stigma of befriending your younger sibling(s) is no longer prevalent, I’ve actually become friends with Kaelyn too. Not KaTelyn, is Kaelyn. Don’t mess that up about 15 times, before getting it correct. She is wildly inappropriate and I love everything about that. Besides bonding over making fun of people, she loves to drink and is super sarcastic, both of which I love about her. She goes on crazy adventures around the world, solo and with friends. She job hops and loves to work with people, all while vlogging every moment of her life. Also, once a month she sends me awesome cards, some inappropriate and some holiday themed. Since she’s close with her brother, I get to hang out with Tweedle Dee and Tweddle Dumb all the time 😉 

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Hi, I’m Kaelyn Cooper. If you don’t know me go stalk me on all forms of social media. You’ll get the best painted picture of who I truly am on my YouTube page where I have daily vlogged for almost 3 years.

Since I told Stephanie I’d like to write a guest post I’ve had the same question swimming in my head, “what do I write about?” Which was always answered with the quote, “write what you know” that I, of course, heard via Josie Geller in the 1999 film, Never Been Kissed. However, after a quick google search it seems to be a quote from Mark Twain, but don’t quote me on that.

OK, so write what I know. While driving each day I started making a list. Here are a few things I jotted down in hopes of being inspired.

Theory of clichés.
Fictitious love stories.
Going all natural.
Poop stories.
Traveling the world alone.
Life party.
Friendships, my friendships. Lets dive into that one. It is the topic that I came back to again and again. Possibly because I am reminded of all my different friends every day in one way or another. If I see something Disney related I better share with Sarah or Margo. If I find anything (good or bad) food related I forward it to Laura.  If I see anything outdoors or camping related I fill-in Janice. And of course anything completely inappropriate I immediately send Bryson and Marika.
Now, these are just some of my friends. I could go on and on. That the point I want to make here is I am that friend that has lots of individual friends. Friends from all areas in life. I do not have group of friends I do all my “adulting” with. You know the ones you get married at the same age with, have kids with, plan weekend getaways with, or the ones you always celebrate each birthday with. I have the Disney friend, the artsy friend, the foodie friend, the inappropriate friend, the drinking friend, the yoga friend, some snail mail friends (really, I actually have pen pal friends I strictly communicate only through penmanship. It truly is a lost art).
When counting my blessings I tend to think of all my friendships. Each one different and unique. However, it can be a juggling act keeping my friendships alive. I more often than not have to nurture each of these relationships on their own time.  For instance, a Monday night could be a coffee date with one gal pal while Tuesday night is spent taking a shot (or two) while FaceTimeing a friend afar. Then a Thursday night is spent sipping cocktails with one girlfriend while Friday morning becomes a play date with another friend and her kid. Followed up by a Sunday morning yoga in the park or hot Pilates session with a different friend. Sometimes these friendships intertwine but I’d say 90% of the time it’s one on one.
The neat thing about how my friendships are set up, I learn so much more about life and the world. Sometimes I find myself telling the same stories two….three…sometimes four times, but let’s face it I love to talk.
So what kind of friendships do you guys have and how do you “nurture” them? By dinner dates, texting, calling, or possibly slipping a note in the mail? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for listening to mine!
I honestly thought she’d write something much more sarcastic and inappropriate. But I really enjoyed her view on friendship. I enjoy that she took the time to go a little deeper into a topic and not fall back on her humor.  Not that she can’t be deep and a sincere person, it’s just more fun when she’s sarcastic and inappropriate. A poop story would have been a first 😉 Thanks for taking the time, in between all your friending and vlogging, to write this lovely post for me.

I talk about friendships a lot on here, a lot! So to answer Kaelyn’s question, quickly, I would say that I have a core group of women friends and a core group guy friends. But then I have sports friends too — soccer friends and running friends. But those friends are more activity based and I don’t see them as often as my core group of friends. Within the group of women I hang out with, there are a few smaller groups that I am a part of too. But I can happily say that we all mesh well together and everyone gets along great. But Kaelyn is right, friendships (as you age) take time and work to maintain. If you don’t make an effort, it is almost guaranteed they won’t be continued. 

She went with friendship, but she still got her poop in there too…


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