currently // 5 // ganeeban

reading // shopaholic to the stars / random fb articles whose titles intrigue me 

feeling // comfy in my new car / soccer wasted on sunday evenings / fluffy and bloated from bad food choices / worried and scared for health scares and death / happy for four weddings this year / excited about upcoming travel / missing my fave four texans / drinking all the water / intrigued by others opinions / a little stagnant / my allergies kick my ass / like cleaning is a must soon / content, but always looking for more

eating // trying a rx bar / trying a lenny & larry cookie / mango curry from WF hot bar / drinking NOLA iced coffee from the trade collab / bbq spare ribs / burgers of all kinds / hong kong style pork chop with red sauce / all the KIND bars

loving // the warm weather / soccer sundays / fresh juice / beets

watching // broad city / empire / quantico / grey’s anatomy / new girl / daredevil (not by choice)

listening // 90s r&b / india.arie / sf Giants baseball games via at bat app

wishing // for a trip to the happiest place on earth / some vitamin sea / happiness && heath for those I love // to go to a live concert / new shorts for summer / for consistency with my workouts / to stop craving chips like a crazy lady / to try a new restaurant

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