Let a Snacker, Snack!

Gimme all the food!

I’ve been feeling really gross lately, so instead of wallowing in self pity, I thought I’d focus on being more positive and focus on the good. I want to sit here and write how disgusting and gross I feel. But no one wants to read a post full of self depreciating, whiny nonsense. 

I wish I loved my body the way it is, as much as I know I’m supposed to love my body. 

Sometimes our hormones and our brains don’t match what we know is right. I think that’s with everything in life. So, to stay positive and to help me make better choices, I thought I’d share what snacks I eat post workout.

The sweet and snack-smart people over at send me a cool inforgraphic to share with you. I know that I’m supposed to eat high protein after a workout, even if I can’t fully explain why to you — I’m a business major, for goodness sake. I also have read/heard that I shouldn’t ignore carbohydrates post workout, gotta get a good blend of both to replenish your body after a workout!

So I definitely don’t eat most of these things, but it’s nice to know what they’d offer me if I did. I can always get down on some Trail Mix, so it’s good to know that it’s a good source for refueling my body. Head over to their site if you’re looking for more details on healthy snack ideas ideas or for snacks high in protein.

I thought I’d share what I love to snack on after my workouts. Seeing as how I am a 5:30AM work-outer, my snacks may be a little different than your average work-outer. I think they work for any time of the day, but mostly I’m looking to refuel before or for breakfast.

1. Egg Whites – Yolks kinda scare me, a little, so I stick with actual egg whites from eggs (no carton kind for me). I normally whip them up with some garlic powder and cook them with my Trader Joe’s grape seed oil non-stick spray. Then I add whatever I have in the fridge – usually ground turkey and/or avocado too. These always keep me full after a workout.

2. Vega Sport Protein Shake – I know I’ve raved about this before, but it’s one of the few powders that I can stand the mouth feel. It’s as smooth as a protein shake is going to get. I’m by no means Vegan, so it’s not for those properties. It’s for the taste and the lack of grittiness. I either go with the Chocolate or the Mocha, whatever I’m feeling. Sometimes I add it to my coffee for those days when the extra push is necessary.


3. Greek Yogurt & Granola w/ Almonds – I can’t eat Greek yogurt with out the crunch. So I always find a granola with almonds. I love that crunch!! It also sweetens up the 2% Greek yogurt that I buy. 


4. KIND Bars – They’re just so damn good. These are when I need something quick after my workout. They lack the high protein content that my other snacks have, but they are convenient, tasty, and always have the best flavor profiles. I usually will need more than this or I’ll be hungry sooner than not, but it’s okay – its great for an on-the-go snack after my workout. Sometimes they are perfect as I drive home from Midtown.

5. Almonds – Okay, it’s a little biased, but they are always around me — at work, at home, in my car. A handful of almonds is pretty much always right by my side. I even have a cute little snack tin that perfectly fits one serving of almonds, that I bought from the Almond Board of California

I’m sure there are a thousand other snacks, probably healthier and better for you, but let’s be real, I don’t cook often and I’m always on the go, so these work for me. Maybe they may work for you too, maybe they won’t. It’s all good. I’m interested to know what others snack on post-workout, that is quick and convenient…with a side of healthy.

I’d seen in my line of work, but I didn’t really look into them until they asked me to share their infographic with you. And trust me, I didn’t get paid of any kind (money or product) to write this for them. I asked them for some small samples to take pics with to make it more personal, but got denied…no shame in my game. It’s cool, but I still don’t mind asking. Which is why I feel like these are things you should know as my readers. They asked me to share it and I thought it would be better to share awesome information, in the event that it helps one person who may read it. That’s all I care about. Maybe my snacks will inspire someone to try a new or different snack. Maybe they will focus on snacking healthier. If that happens, then I don’t mind sharing these types of things on my blog. Of course I’d love to get something in return (duh, who wouldn’t), but it’s not always about that…is it?!?

Another benefit was that I got to focus on making better decisions, instead of sitting here feeling sad about feeling fluffy. It cheered me up to write this post and remember that life ebbs and flows — sometimes I make good food decisions and other times I ‘eat all the foods’. Balance is key, as it is with everything in life. So, no feeling like a fatty, just remembering to be grateful for legs that let me do 200m sprints for five rounds, arms that let me push press weight I’m uncomfortable with, lungs that let me play soccer, and a body that lets me do things that some are not afforded in this lifetime.

Just a random, old image of me playing soccer.

I’m just a gal who tries to make good food decisions from time to time…

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