Cinco de Ganeeban

Hey, remember me…

No prob-llama, I haven’t gone anywhere!

I’ve missed blogging and it missed me. I thought I’d write a quick post about life lately…so yeah!

Night Date, because Date Night is so overused. Last night J and I used two gift cards (werk perk) that were expired, but they let me use them anyways. Gracias, Il Fo! We go to dinner, or should I say grab dinner to go, more often than not. So what makes this different? We actually made a resie (so I could earn Open Table points), sat at a table for two, and ordered a meal to enjoy together. No phones, just us chatting. I finally wore him down and convinced him to get ice cream, even though we are on our ‘eating healthy’ mode currently.

Soccer Wasted, after 2 games each Sunday we are both ‘Soccer Wasted’ as I’ve been calling it. After a shower and a nap, all we really have energy for is dinner. It’s been fun, but my Women’s league just finished, so it’ll only be one game for me for now. I love that I still have passion for a hobby and that my body still lets me enjoy the game.

Busy, it seems like every where I turn I have something planned. Yes, definitely a case of #FirstWorldProbs but I keep reminding myself to slooooow down. Remember to revel in the quiet and mundane moments, even though I tend to thrive on a booked schedule.


Anticipation, so many fun things happening this year and I’m looking forward to them all. Trips and weddings, repeat. I’m using said activities to focus on my fitness and health goals, so I can fit into a ‘dress’ or ‘bikini’. It’s helping, but I’m really just excited to share these memorable moments with family and friends!

Spectating, watching a few friends and finding my uncle (killin’ his marathon) on the Pony Express Marathon was awesome. It was so inspiring, I am ready to lace up my Kinvara’s and get out there. I have a run planned for (maybe) Friday evening, but definitely on Sunday since we don’t have soccer games to celebrate Momma’s Day! Oh and by the way, spectating is hard as shit. I missed Katie and Tara twice on the half marathon course. But they had great races, so I’m grateful for that, but still feel awful I couldn’t cheer them on as they smashed the course! I am super excited I saw FitFam6 on the course, especially since they cheered me on in Napa! I know how amazing it feels to recognize a face, so I hope it helped them trudge through the miles and the heat!

Yup, life over in my world is same as usual. Life is good, no complaints. Today is the first Thursday of the month, so you know what that means….Girls Night! Luckily for us, this year it lands on Cinco de Drinko, so our theme was inherently planned for us. I’m trying to eat light and healthy, so I can indulge a little tonight. But also, J gets to nerd-fan-boy out tonight at the new Avengers movie. Let’s hope I don’t fall asleep again, but I’m always Team Cap!

This holiday is full of way too many fun puns!

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