Diary of a Non-Cook: 7 Layer Dip (for MOM)

Curating is the name of the game.

Trader Joes is my arsenal! Each family party we volunteer to bring something. I generally get an appetizer, re: easy. I’m okay with that and everyone also gets a nice surprise when I arrive. This year, I was specifically asked to bring chips and dip. I hate beans, but I know most people don’t. Thus, making 7 Layer Dip a fan favorite. In all honesty, I knew I wouldn’t have to do too much heavy lifting (re: cooking) with this option too!
Putting it off until the last minute, I headed to TJs at 9:30AM on Mothers Day. It was a mad house, like any other given day. But the flower section was off the hook. But so awesome like, they were wrapping your flowers extra nice for free for Moms Day! It was such a sweet bonus and I was randomly, really in awe of it. 
I don’t need another reason to shop here, but it makes me glad I do. Oh and I learned my frozen peas are on recall too. Phew!
I used this pin as my muse for the dip. I essentially used it for the image, it literally laid out each layer for me. It was Diary of a Non-cook proof. I was in and out of the store within 15 minutes, since I knew where all the ingredients were. The longest part was waiting in the checkout line!
1 Can of Refried Beans – $0.99
1 Package Guacamole – $3.99
1 Pint Sour Cream – $1.69
1 Package of Salsa, Already Had at Home – $0
1 Package of Shredded “Mexican Blend” – $3.49
1 Package of Grape Tomatoes – $2.49
1 Can of Sliced Black Olives – $1.19
1 Bag of Organic White Tortilla Chips – $2.69 
TOTAL: $16.53
I’ve said it a few times, but I can curate the shit out of things. More so than cook, even though I can follow a recipe like a boss. Free style cooking isn’t my forte, obviously. 
The recipe is actually for individual sized dips to serve, but I made it in a medium sized Pyrex. Actually, J did the curating mostly – while I washed the tomatoes and got the olives ready. Team effort for the Mama’s!! I want to make these again, but do them in individual servings, they are super cute. We were discussing how to make this “me” friendly without beans — we thought ground turkey with taco seasoning would be tasty too, but again free styling isn’t my thing 😉
Just to be hella cheesy, cause I’m okay with that, I spelled out MOM with the toppings. I thought it would be a cute touch! Again, it’s all about presentation!
I didn’t do anything fabulous, but I did contribute to the partaaay! I even sassed it up with my own flair, damn right I’m proud of that creativity right there! I’m okay with not cooking per se, there’s always a next time or another party!
Hey Ma, look what I made curated!!

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