My Go-To Summer Cockatil of 2016

I am soooo not that type of person…

…but after making this drink back-to-back days and liking equally each time, I decided to dub the following my drink for Summer 2016!

I cannot take credit for this lovely creation. Someone liked a FB post by ‘The Drunken Goose’– of which, I have no idea what this even is nor do I care to even look into it — that had the recipe and an image of a lovely beverage!

Its simplicity is what drew my attention. That and the picture looked pretty too.

Moscato Strawberry Lemonade
1 Bottle of Pink Moscato
6 Cups Lemonade
1/4 Cup of Strawberry Vodka
Frozen Strawberry Slices
Lemon Slices
Mix in a large pitcher and enjoy! 
And if you even say this has anything to do with Beyonce, we are no longer friends 😉 Again, I went to two different BBQ’s this weekend and made this drink and it was well received. The first time we purchased all the ingredients from Grocery Outlet — and you know if you can use all the ingredients from there and it still be good, then you’re golden. The next day, I went to a more normal grocery store and grabbed stuff from Raley’s and the drink came out amazing.
…and a Moscow Mule
Both times they were slightly different. Mix it up with different flavors of vodka – I used berry the first time and strawberry lemonade the second time. Also, there are so many varieties of lemonade, use that to your advantage too. The frozen strawberries work great to keep the drink cool, so make sure you put some in each cup too, don’t just leave them in the pitcher. I think the lemon slices could be optional, but they definitely make the drink look prettier and more festive.

I am by no means taking credit for the creation of this delicious adult beverage, I’m just doing the friendly favor of sharing the ease and goodness that will be my go-to drink for the summer.
Jen // The Guidette // Me

Oh yeah, it’s not even Summer yet, huh?!

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