Totally (Le)Totes…

Le first, Le Tote!
You should try everything once, well that was my mindset when it came to my first Tote from Le Tote! Last week, I ranted posted about my decision to give Le Tote a try. A serious try. I was potentially, slightly dramatic about it all. But you have to know me to understand that this is way out of the norm for me. Even my Mom said, as I told her were the denim dress came from, “That’s so NOT you!” No shit, Sherlock (sorry Mom, don’t get mad at that, please)! But anywho, I’m giving it a try and really trying it out.
Like I thought and what they explicitly said, their stuff is ‘gently shared.’ That was evident with the clothing I received. The clothing was not in bad condition, but you could easily tell it wasn’t new. So the whole ‘Netflix for clothing’ is completely spot on. Of course this skeezes me out, but I’m sticking with it! It’s a little hard to notice it with the jewelry, you basically can’t tell at all. I already knew what was coming and I liked it all, so I knew that wouldn’t be the issue. The fit, if anything, is what would be an issue.
The packaging is cute and quaint, they squeeze it all into a nice little box. Very minimal design and chic if I had to describe it. I loved how everything was laid and folded perfectly. It was like opening a present from Nordstrom. Loved the small touches too. 

Without further ado, here is my first Tote:

 Items listed in order from L to R:
I was excited and giddy to receive my first Tote. It literally arrived the next day, it was amazing. That is fast shipping. To be a Baller-on-a-Budget, I want to wear everything super fast and then get more, but I’m an ‘outfit planner by event’. So I wait for certain events to wear certain items, mostly new clothing. I generally tend to buy a new outfit for an event, from head to toe if I’m feeling like a baller. So, to be more effective with my Totes, I can’t do this. I need to wear them to work and not just ‘events’ or for something other than work.
Let me just preface the following with me stating “I am NOT a fashion blogger, even though I secretly would love to be.” I don’t have a fancy photog to snap cute and staged pics. It’s normally J annoyed at having to take my pic. For the moments J isn’t around to take a cute pic of me, you get stuck with an awkward selfie of my outfit. Real life is me trying to twist my body to show you the whole outfit while not looking chubby or putting my phone on the window ledge to get a good angle. Fashion blogging is no joke, which is why I’m such a fraud. Here I am talking about a clothing service and showing you random iPhone pics of how I styled them. Anywho, having my Mom step in to take a few pics was instant hilarity. We laughed the whole time!
So here goes nothing, my attempt to show you how I styled each item and how I felt about each piece!
The first thing I put on was the bracelet and it was only go grab coffee. I was so giddy about the box, I just opened it and threw it on with no abandon. I actually received a compliment on it too, while shopping at a boutique. I forgot to snap a pic, but here is another one showing it off.

Next, I decided to wear the lace tank and threw on the necklace at the last minute. I was attending a fundraiser at the Sacramento Zoo right after my soccer tournament, so I didn’t have too much time to glam it up. I kept it casual, since it was the Zoo. I really liked the top, but I wasn’t crazy about the fit. It ran a little small for a ‘Medium,’ but I was swooning over the lace embellishments. I liked the necklace and it was a little different from something I’d normally buy. I enjoyed the pastel girly look going against the dark black.
Next, I decided to wear the tulip skirt to work, however, I styled it differently for this picture — gotta keep it real. I have a similar skirt in a longer length that I don’t wear too often. I don’t think this skirt was made for girls who play sports…or just have a big butt. The soft cotton is pulled by my backside and made it short altogether. I love the ‘tulip’ look, but the short fit wasn’t the best for wearing to work. I thought about moving the slit to the side, like I do with mine, but I was just over it. Its a really cute piece, just not really made for my body.
Lastly, I finally had a chance to wear the cute dress. L had a performance at her school, so I changed out of my work clothes and threw the dress on. It is really comfy, even if I don’t really like how this style sits on my stomach — where the built in belt is usually makes me look a little chunky in the waist. I wasn’t a fan of how the embellishments were silver, I would have preferred brass or gold, but it worked out. I paired it with my Target booties and the cutest little bag I’ve been swooning over from Kohl’s! Yup, sweet steal from Kohl’s! To take advantage of it again, I wore it to work too!
I wore everything once and now it’s all packed, haphazardly in the bag that I found neatly folded in the bottom of the LT box. The jewelry was put back in the small baggies they came in and the clothes were half folded and thrown in the bag. I did not keep any of the pieces, but I was very tempted to keep the bracelet. Even though I don’t really care for the ‘gently shared’ idea, I’m still excited to see what I get next. Even though I have as much say as I want when I look at my next Tote, I am going to just accept whatever they send and wear it.

I think the hardest part is trying to figure out how to get a good, and by good I mean where I look cute, pic of me in the outfits. I said I was trying it out for the blog and I wasn’t lying about it. Its giving me something to blog about, while also making me try something out of my comfort zone.
So far so good, lets see what round two has in store…

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