Musings: As of Late

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve caught you up on life.

I kinda miss doing my Rose & Thorn weekend recaps. Although I felt they were getting monotonous, I still enjoy detailing my weekend out for my readers. Anywho, I thought I’d catch you up on what’s going on in my life lately. And by lately, I mean the last month or so.

Oh Happy Hayes – My cousin is marrying the sweetest girl, his college sweetheart! The lovely ladies of the Ganeeban clan were gracious enough to throw her a Bridal Shower. Since my Mom and all the Aunties were in charge, I just asked if I could help in any way. They let me do the games! Since not everyone is a fan of games, I kept one interactive and one more low key. Thank goodness for Pinterest. We did the ‘purse’ game and then one where when the bride opens a gift with blue you pass the gift two people to your right, then whoever ends up with the prize is the ‘winner’!

Copa America – So much soccer going on these days! Such a fun tournament and it is at home (USA), so it makes it that much more fun. The US made it out of the Group stage and played in the Semis on Tuesday night against Argentina. If you know anything about soccer, then you probably know one of the best players in the world plays for Argentina. So, the US had tough game ahead of them.

Gather Nights in Oak Park – Such a cool event and made me swoon just a little more for Sacramento. Think small-ish neighborhood gather of food trucks, live music/DJ, and locals all congregating to enjoy a summer Thursday evening. The shared table experience outside, is ten thousand times better than inside a restaurant. It was a great vibe and we enjoyed our time at our first one, even though they did them last year. 

Boomerang App – “Boomerang Me” is now a vernacular in our household and anytime we are doing something fun! I love that silly little app and I’m pretty sure I force everyone to do it with me and make sure they know about it!

Jump Jump – There is a local trampoline place in town and although it makes me sweat like crazy I enjoy going there. We more so go for L, but this last time we all jumped. I seriously sweated as much as I sweat at Midtown. I was exhausted and my legs felt hung over the next day. Great fun and gets you moving for $12, same as sitting for two hours in a movie. You also get some really sexy socks for $2.50 😉 I do have some serious issues with how this location is ran, but you can just read my Yelp review about that!

#Active4Asher2016 – I’ve spoken about FitFam6 on here multiple times, but the 6th of the 6 is little Asher. Asher has a Chromosome 13 deletion, which is celebrated during Rare Chromosome Disorder week (week of June 13th) which also lands on his Birthday every year. As a way to raise awareness about RCD and acceptance of those that are different, they asked that we all get Active + for + Asher! Monday’s are my rest day and I usually have indoor soccer at night, but to support such an awesome fam and little dude, I went to Midtown that AM to get in a workout dedicated to Asher. I also dedicated my soccer game to Asher, which we won, so that was awesome! Asher has made huge strides over the last two years that I’ve come to know him and his family, his latest is walking by himself with his walker. It was such a heartwarming video to watch. The rest of the five of the six are such an inspiration themselves, as well. The whole family embodies the world ‘family’ and I enjoy supporting a cool little dude, cool family, and hopefully brought a little awareness to RCD!

Free Pizookie Tuesdays – I feel like a PSA is necessary for all. For about six weeks, every Tuesday BJ’s is giving away free Pizookie’s with a $9.95 food purchase. That is a steal. Also, if you download the app you get awesome treats as well. I got an appetizer for $0.20! Holler! The email this week was for $0.20 Root Beer Floats! Don’t be shy, get your Chubby Chubby on for a deal! 

Circle Blanket – I’d been slowly seeing circle blankets creep up and I needed one. Yes, need not want! So, I went to Amazon, because I had no idea what they were called. Lucky me, I found a really pretty one, although the material is kind of thin. It was reasonably priced and came super quick, thanks Prime! I think I’m going to order another one soon, they will be perfect for any beach trips we take this summer!

Snap Chat – Okay, so I hate to love it. But I still refuse to get one. I know, quite being weird. But I gave my nephew such a hard time for having it, which all of a sudden he has now again, that I don’t feel right downloading it. I even told him that and he told me to stop ‘being dumb Ate’! HAHA! Anyways, luckily I have friends who don’t mind letting me take over theirs to play with the filters. I can’t get enough of those damn filters, they are so freakin’ funny! I think IG and FB (and various other SM outlets) have taken hits from SC, but I can see why. Everything else is permanent, unless you go back and erase it. SC just goes away after 24hours…it doesn’t follow you around like the other SM’s do! Kudos to SC, but I’m still staying away-ish…

All things constant, life is pretty same ‘ol same ‘ol around these parts. Soccer and Midtown are my go-to’s for getting my sweat on. However, I will be playing in two new summer tournaments that I’ve never played in before, so I’m super stoked about that. A little traveling for work, but that happens every year. Trying to remember to slow down in the busy summer months. But I am craving some Vitamin Sea, I’m going to go crazy if I don’t go in the next three weeks or so. I’m excited for the upcoming family wedding, I love having all the crazies all together to celebrate a new love!

All in all, just trying to stay present in my everyday!

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