Musings: Not Starting

My blogger dream could have been a reality…

…but I wasn’t selected!

I was crushed. That might be a slight exaggeration, but it still stings. The SF Giants started a new blogger ‘Starting Nine’ for their Giant Race series. When I saw their FB post asking for people to apply, I was seriously the happiest girl ever that day! And stopped everything that moment and applied.

I probably should have spent a little more time on the application, looking back. There’s that hindsight again, always there to remind me! Anywho, the application was very simple, with a few questions to answer and you also had to list your Social Media stats.

Like most, I have a regular job and ‘blogging’ isn’t my main source of income. Shit, I don’t even make a dime off of this little space of the Intranets. I do, at times, get paid in food and booze, which I’m completely happy with. Although, cash monies is always a nice option too. But that’s not why I do this. So, that being said, I don’t think my stats helped me in any way. And I still don’t have a clue how to differentiate of figure out my ‘visitor’s’ stats. Google Analytics helps to some degree, but there’s always one stat I’m confused on how to answer. Help…anyone!

Anyways. I submitted my application. Waited. They even friended me on Instagram, it was private at the time. I got a little over excited by that, but reminded myself not to get my hopes up. I regularly checked their website to see if they announced anything. I was hoping for the phone interview. Nothing.

Then I saw a local blogger, who I also knew applied, posted that she was selected. I was heart broken. Sad and bummed, maybe even a little annoyed. I’m not entitled to anything, but I really, really wanted it. I guess my enthusiasm did not shine through in my application. Maybe I don’t have enough blogger presence. I don’t know why I wasn’t selected and they haven’t told me why. I just know I don’t get to S-T-A-R-T!

I have and will still continue to run their races. I love my Giants, regardless of their decision not to let me be a blogger for them. Born and raised a SF Giants fan, that is never changing! Seriously, who goes to Spring Training on vacation to get up to run at 7AM? My sister and I do, my girlfriends thought we were crazy! I’ve only done that once, but it was for the inaugural 9k and that in itself makes me happy! I’ll continue to run as many of their races in their series as I can, AZ will always be the outlier that may or may not happen.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a sole focus for the blog. I bounce around a lot. Food. Life. Food. Cooking. Life. Recaps. Midtown. Running. Food. Yeah, no consistency in ‘running posts’ or themes, which I’m sure they were looking for. Sprinkled in are SF Giants posts, but just not enough…

I’m super interested to see who the Starting Nine are. Of course I will compare myself to them, to their social media, and judge. I shouldn’t, but I will. I’m human. Attempting to be an ambassador for anything, I know I’m always low on the totem pole. I don’t have the ‘blogger presence’ that many seem to have. I use my personal FB account to share my blog posts. I use my personal IG to, very minimally, share blog stuff. I use my personal Twitter to share blog posts. I also use my personal Pinterest to share posts. I’m not sure my small blog has garnered enough readership to start separate Social Media accounts. Actually that’s a lie, I know it isn’t strong enough to create a presence in those outlets. So, for now, it’s shared within my circle of family and friends. I will say, that I’ve earned some followers/friendships from the blog, but not enough to notice a difference.

I know my place…in the Intranets. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be sad about not being selected. No one likes rejection. So for now, they’ll get free, minimal publicity from me whenever I race one of their courses. Because race recapping is fun to me, especially when it involves finishing on a baseball field!

Pity Party of 1!  

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