Le End (Totes x 4)

Finally, a tote I didn’t change one thing too…


But the lackluster eloquence of this post is because this is my last tote. I decided that I’d rather not pay the monthly fee and just use that money towards actual clothes and/or accessories I get to keep. 

Nonetheless, I still tried everything in the tote, but it wasn’t as urgent as other totes. Since I knew I had until the 11th to end my subscription. It was fun, I was introduced to new brands, but I just don’t quite think it’s for me.

Items listed from L to R
 Cupcakes And Cashmere Brush Stroke Top
If By Sea Cut Out Sheer Top
 Octavia Salama Easy Dress
Clement Brown Foldover Clutch
Camilla Knot Cuff

This tote came with a little added “Spring Summer Lookbook 2016” to peruse. I think I did a quick glance through and thought I’d look at it later, but never did.
I wore the tank on Casual Friday to work, paired with jeans and a cami. The colors and design of the brush strokes took a little getting used too, but in the end I ended up liking the tank. I loved the fit, it was loose and dipped low in the back. The embellishments of the buttons was an added, cute touch to the tank. Again, it was by the Cupcakes and Cashmere brand I seem to like. I even ended up wearing it after work as we made our way out of town for the weekend, I liked it that much!
Back to the grind on Monday, I threw on the dress. The fit wasn’t perfect for my body shape, the shoulder area was a little snug. Good thing I do a lot of typing and not a lot of hugging at work 😉 I wasn’t amazed by the print, but it wasn’t awful. I think it was just a whatever in my book. Easy to throw on and get ready for work, but I wouldn’t spend too much on something like this if I were to buy it.
The next day I used the cut out navy tee to wear to work. I paired it with white denim, a color matching cami, and tan, peep toe booties. It was pretty casual for a normal workday, but it’s the summer so I think its okay. I enjoyed the cutouts, but the cami downplayed the cuteness, but since I was sporting it to work I wanted to make sure to have one on underneath. Again, my broad shoulders were a little snug in the arms and shoulder area, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Just not as much wiggle room as I’d prefer. This piece looked a little worn for the wear.
The bracelet was not my favorite, it looked cheap. But I wanted to incorporate it into some outfit. So, I decided it was appropriate arm candy for my nephew’s All Star game. Yup, sported it to an kids baseball game. I figured why not just get it over with and wear it once. It must have brought them good luck, because they ended up victorious through a tough game! After the game Poppa Bear, J, and I had some late night grub and libations.
College Greens All- Starts, Minors
Gimme my Dublin Nights // Pitch & Fiddle
Lastly, I just had the clutch to use. It’s super cute, except I swore I read it was black and planned my outfit around black. But when I paid more attention to it, it’s actually brown. Also, as I was writing this, I realized it said the color of it was brown. Fail. But not really, since I’m the only one who cares about brown and black mixing! I think it was a little over the top for my outfit, since I was sporting a tank, shorts, and flip flops to a cool Lighter Side of Ireland tasting menu at de Vere’s Irish Pub in Sacramento. It held the minimal things I (and J) needed and it wasn’t cumbersome when we sat down with our group. Its really cute, but I would have liked it in black. I might have even bought it if it was in black. The quality was nice, but it did have a strange smell to it…

When I first ordered this tote, I didn’t realize it would be my last. With the holiday weekend it messed up my plans of trying to get one more tote before my subscription was set to be charged for another month. So, in the end I tried four totes. I can appreciate this service, especially for people who don’t like to shop or like others to help them with suggestions on styles or brands.

I’m super grateful Jamee brought this cool service to my attention, otherwise I wouldn’t haven had the experience that I did. We knew from the jump that ‘gently shared’ wasn’t my thing. But I tried it and it wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it may be. There were a few items that had seen too many trips to the dry cleaner, but there were also items that were almost brand new. It was a hodgepodge of quality, but non on the very low part of the spectrum. I think they are a great company and have a great thing going. Their customer service is above par and they are beyond helpful to their customers. I enjoy that they let me give three totes away to friends.

Maybe I’m being cheap. Maybe I’m just changing it up. I can’t fully pinpoint my desire to stop using Le Tote, but I did. I enjoyed the experience and enjoyed learning about new brands. The convenience factor is pretty awesome, you don’t have to do anything. Thanks to Le Tote I had some fun new work outfits and definitely gained a compliment or two over my expereince using it!

Totes not for me, but I can appreciate what they are trying to do… 

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