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How NOT to be A Rook at the Sac Burger Battle

Among plenty of other things, you can add burger connoisseur to my list of self-prescribed titles!

I love me some burgers, probably more than the next girly tomboy you know. I am almost always down to eat one. Except for right now, as I write this post I’m nursing a serious burger hangover from last nights cherry poppin’ attendance at the Sacramento Burger Battle!

One. Five. Fifteen burgers. One night. One stomach.

Even though everyone told me, multiple times, not to eat too much of each burger and take my time. Do you think I listened? Hell, NO! The burger adrenaline was too real. Mix in the fact that I was a complete newbie and you have a bloated, yet euphoric gal on your hands.

3 Tips on How to NOT Be A Sac Burger Battle Rookie

1. Be Strategic – I’m serious. The tents are lined up in a row, so it would be wise to go in a strategic order. Start at the beginning or start at the farther side, but go in order. It will make remembering which burgers you’ve consumed much easier. I made the mistake of hopping around and it got confusing. If you don’t care, then you don’t care. But if you are on a mission to try each one once, a strategy is your friend.

2. Taste, Not Devour – Sounds bossy. But to reduce your chances of filling up before you try all the options, taste each one. A taste would be a bite or two, not full big daddy bites, but just small-ish bites to get all the flavors of the burger. I’d suggest since you can get as many as you like — taste everything and then go back for one(s) that you enjoyed.

3. Partner Up – I rolled solo but met up with a friend and her friends. We all got the same burgers and helped each other get other burgers. However, next year, I’d rather grab J and we could each get two burgers from different tents and then share them together. Sharing each burger would be the ideal way not to overeat. Also, mix in the strategy of staying in order and you can taste them more efficiently.

I literally forced myself to eat the last two of the fifteen I hadn’t tried about an hour and a half into the event. First I had to figure out which two I was missing, thankfully I snapped tons of pics which helped me figure it out. But then, even though they both smelled intoxicating, I could barely enjoy bites of each of them. My stomach was at capacity and I felt pretty gnarly. Again, Rook moves made me a complete novice here. I should have listened.

This event is amazing and I already knew it would be, but experiencing it was a whole different story. The hefty price tag is worth the quality, creativity, and hard work the chefs and their teams put into each burger. Locally sourced ingredients coupled with using many complimentary, local companies, the burgers are Sacramento through and through. For a couple of the burgers, this was my first time trying anything from that restaurant, so that was another cool little anecdote from last night. They cover ALL of their bases, from drinks to dessert. You won’t want for anything after four hours (VIP) at this event…well, maybe some Tums or Pepto 😉

I don’t need to sell you on this event. It sells out every year. As robust as Cesar Chavez park can be, this event is perfectly quaint. The park isn’t brimming over with people, the lines aren’t long, and everyone there is happy because they are in a burger coma. The lines not being long is probably one of their best attributes. If you’ve been to any Sac charity events, then you know that at times they sell these events to the max and the lines are too long to enjoy. Sac Burger Battle has not sold out yet (but tickets yes), they keep it to a minimum to keep the quality high for everyone. I didn’t have to worry about wait times, the chefs were pumping out burgers as fast as their team and grills could work.

Not gonna lie, I was a little overwhelmed for my first BB. I wanted to take everything in and remember all the burger ingredients. Between juggling my cool plate and cup holder and snapping as many pics as possible, my phone has a layer of dried burger juice (re: grease) that should probably be scraped off. I enjoyed that they had signs detailing each burger and their fun names too.

I was also delighted to know that this event raises a good amount of money for the
Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. They had a booth so you could learn more about the diseases and speak with the foundation. They also had little facts about the diseases sprinkled throughout the event. I enjoyed that they educated the attendees about their cause in a very relaxed way, but still informational. It’s always nice to attend an event knowing it truly supports a charitable cause, not just someone’s bank account.

I knew I was missing out these past four years, but it didn’t hit me until last night. Fifteen…fifteen burgers. That’s a lot. And they are ALL high quality, flavorful, and creative creations. Some were familiar, some were new, regardless they made it a great experience!

This Rook has learned, next year I’m stepping up my BB game!

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