Strong is the new skinny!

Nothing taste as good as skinny does.

Whoever said that, is correct for the most part. But at what
point to you sacrifice your life, your passion, your soul to be skinny. I’ll
never be what society deems skinny, but I’m okay with that. I don’t even think
I’ll ever be comfortable calling myself skinny, even if I can get into a size 2.

I want to be strong and healthy. If being skinny-ish is a
side effect, then so be it. I see actual skinny girls, literally skin and
bones, and I’m grossed out. I see fitness models and body builders and I’m
grossed out. I just want to be in the middle. I want to play soccer
effortlessly, run a marathon and not have to walk, and be able to run around
with my children (if that day comes).

I know the size on the scale or my pants tag does not
determine the person I am. However, it does sculpt who I attain to be. I want
to be strong for myself. I want to be healthy for myself, and my potential
family that I may or may not have. I want to live and long and full life, and
the only way I see doing that is to continue to strive to be as healthy as

Obliviously I’ve been running a bunch. I also cross train a
decent amount during the week, but I wanted to get stronger, properly. I want
to know how to do a proper dead lift or a clean and jerk. Thus, I signed up for
Midtown Strength and Conditioning. It’s not cheap, but I’m enjoying it. We will
see how long my budget can allow for this added luxury in my quest for healthy
and wellness.

$120/month for two training sessions per week, they have to
be the same ones each week. So every Tuesday and Thursday, I wake up at the
ungodly hour of 5AM to be at class by 5:30AM. I never thought I’d be an early
riser, even less an early riser exerciser. It’s been working out great, albeit midday
tiredness, serious #firstworldprobs.

So I’m about halfway through the first month and I enjoy it.
I haven’t see any amazing results, but I feel good. I enjoy learning the proper
lifting technique. I again, as in running, have to remember that I need to
focus on myself, not comparing myself to others in the group. But what can I
say, I don’t want to be the last one to finish the rounds. It’s very
crossfit-esque, but we aren’t timed or timing isn’t forced on us.

The little group is fairly cohesive and they’ve been a solid
group for awhile. However, they are ALL very encouraging and hilarity always ensues
with the bunch! It’s 5:30AM, everything seems funny at this time of day! I’m
glad I tried something new, now my mind keeps wandering to yoga. Working on flexibility
and strength seems like a good next fitness adventure…although, I’m the least
flexible human alive!

I like to lift heavy stuff!


  • Anonymous

    It's disappointing that you're "grossed out" by "skinny people" and "fitness models and body builders". Is that kind of judgement against people you know or don't know necessary? At the end of the day it is really more important to learn how to love yourself for you. Not try to find your truth by putting down others.

    • Musings of a Girly Tomboy

      Hi Anon! Thanks for stopping by and the comment. I think you took an overly exaggerated comment and took it to heart. Understandable. Of course loving yourself is is important and putting down others is never nice. I implore you to read more of my posts and you will get a better sense of me and my writing. However, living life so polarizing for your body is not my cup of tea. There is so much we could discuss, but this probably isn't the best forum! Hope there are no hurt feelings and thanks for stopping by! Xoxo, Ganeeban

  • Anonymous

    Not hurt feelings, just disappointment. As a blogger it's important to remember that words have power. I appreciate that you are asking me to read the rest of your blog. I have checked out a couple of posts, but yes I still think your over exaggeration puts forth a sense of insecurity. I think most people struggle one way or another with body issues, especially in this country. My other rhetorical question is, if this is not the forum what is? This is your blog. You put your info out there. If you prefer not to comment or dialogue then please make that clear to potential readers. Hope you find what you're looking for. Take care

    • Musings of a Girly Tomboy

      Again, thanks for the thoughtful insight. As a fellow blogger, I take your words with great care. Of course I have insecurities, I would never shy away from admitting that. I openly admit to body image issues, among other issues. Again, I think context is lost in commenting, but I love comments on my blog — I just meant there is so much to this conversation, a comment section doesn't do it it justice.

      Again, that post was written when I was first starting. I still am as sarcastic, honest, and opinionated as then…but am a little more careful how I craft my words. I didn't think that many read my blog, but maybe my assumption is wrong.

      Hopefully you continue to read a few more without the cloud of disappointment. If not, I still appreciate the notes and thoughts! Xoxo, Ganeeban

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