#CoachPAndLotTieTheKnot – 10.16.16

When you’re girl marries her prince…

Photo by Cristal

you CELEBRATE! Even if it’s pouring rain, like buckets of rain.

Flash back to a couple of years ago, lil Adri’s bday party was in full swing at Round Table. The Teacher (re: Lot) mentioned she had a date later that evening, “just for coffee” she told us. Obviously we poked and prodded for details, which easily came forth. She’d been FB messaging with an old co-worker, whom she used to work with back in the day and he also went to our high school. After the details were laid out, we all were really excited for her to have coffee…even though she doesn’t drink it…with this new fella.

Fast forward to last year when said “coffee date” fella purposed to her in front of her class, which was the cutest video to get out of nowhere one day! I, all of us really, were so happy for Lot. Her baseball prince had swept her off her feet and now they were going to make their dream come true as Husband and Wife!

I don’t really remember how Lot asked me to be a bridesmaid, I think it was just in the form of a conversation one day. Which is exactly Lot’s style, laid back and low key. Of course, I was humbled and honored to be asked to stand beside her on one of the most important days of her life. 

Sometime in the beginning of the year we met at David’s Bridal to try on bridesmaid dresses. Again, Lot was super relaxed and not a brideZILLA at all. She didn’t seem to picky with the bridesmaid dress selection. She knew she wanted them to be navy blue (one of her official wedding colors) and long. We’d all done some research on the website, so we didn’t go in blindly. Sadly, this location was the worst at customer service, but with a group of good friends you make the best of it, talk shit, and laugh until you almost pee your pants when three of you are in one fitting room trying on stinky dresses 😉

Fast forward to about a month ago where we bachelorette’d it up in Napa for Lot. Again, super laid back style, but exactly what all of us needed. Her MOH (her sis) and her SIL planned an awesome weekend for all of us, spoiled us really. Great big house, a photo booth for the weekend, plans and accommodations for each day, and of course snacks and customized goodies for all! It was the perfect #LotsBubblyBeforeTheHubby wine weekend get away!


A week later we also celebrated Lot with a little more class and a little less crass at her bridal shower. It was a lovely, albeit warm, day where we spoiled Lot with love and fun things to start her marriage 😉 Fun in the bedroom…or in the house, depended on your age bracket! HAHA

As the big day approached, it was apparent (to everyone but me) that it was going to rain on the big day. I was so distracted with my work trip, I didn’t even look at the weather for the wedding until about 3 days before the wedding. Knowing that it may rain on one of the most important days was probably the biggest stressor for Lot, total assumption on my part. Luckily for us, she as usual, was really laid back about it. She didn’t ask for much help from anyone, but made little adjustments here and there for the potential rain.

Hair did, eyebrows waxed, nails and toes done…I was bridesmaid ready. Saturday rolled around and it was time for the rehearsal. J and I headed up to the venue, which was the first time for both of us to see the location. Although the other girls got there early and had sent pics, it was the perfect back drop for a fall, Apple Hill wedding. Yes, it was raining. When we walked in, everyone was hustling about. The decision to move the wedding was 99% decided at this point, the 1% being optimism. We helped tie ribbons on the party favors and helped in any other way possible.


The rehearsal took all of 10 minutes and we were done. We knew who our partners were, shout out to JR, and we knew what order we were to walk and line-up in. After we were done we skirted out of there, since they had a party coming in really soon. We all headed down the hill to Spaghetti Factory for the rehearsal dinner which was so kindly hosted by the Grooms parents! We all met at the bar for some adult libations and made Lot take a shot, then headed to our private party room for some fun.

Introductions were made, appetizers were consumed, and wine was poured. Lot and Coach P also handed out gifts to us, the bridal party. We all received the fluffiest and softest robes with our name embroidered and the cutest “Friend” Alex & Ani bracelets (“Sister” for her MOH and SIL). The flower girl, her niece, also got a robe and a book on being a flower girl. They were super sweet gifts and we all loved them! The fellas all got their favorite baseball teams hat in all black with a silver logo, to go along with his all white hat for pictures the next day. They also received money clips that had been monogrammed…I think! After tons of pasta, wine, and cake were consumed we said our goodbyes to rest for the evening and get home safely in the rain.


Rain on your wedding day is good luck! 

If they got paid for how many times they heard that, their honeymoon would be completely paid for! I’m sure hearing that was not reassuring, although everyone meant it to be that way. They didn’t let it show if they were stressed or worried, they just enjoyed their day to the fullest.

I got my hair and make-up done at home, then drove up the hill to meet the rest of the girls who were getting it all done there. Again, I walked in to a bunch of hustle and bustle — only to be told that we weren’t allowed to help. “You’re too pretty to help!” HAHA, that was the best ever 😉 Since I was there 3 hours before the wedding would start, it gave us all plenty of time to ease the brides nerves (re: Fireball), take pics, laugh, do make-up and hair, and just enjoy ourselves until the ceremony!

Yup, the Bride had a Snap Chat geo-filter made!
Hard to explain, it was a High School thing…
She ID’d Nike’s for her special day!

Since I’ve already written a novel, just know that the ceremony was perfectly commissioned by our other best friend, Summer Sister. She did an amazing and elegant job with her speech and ceremony, tying it all together with a rain theme and her literary expertise. And she didn’t cry once, we’re proud of her!

Everything about this day was amazing!

From there we pictured, partied, ate, and danced the evening away. Lot is super lucky in the Photog department, because her cousin Cristal is an amazing photographer. She was recently picked by BuzzFeed as one of 10 Incredibly Inspiring LGBT Instagrammers You Should Be Following. Please take a peek at her blog Cristal Veronica Photos to see her amazing work, she also did their engagement photos which were beyond adorable too! She was kind enough to let me share some of her ‘sneak peek’ images in my post:


I tried to live in the moment, although my phone was in my hand most of the time — just to capture the moments. I posted a couple pics, but I waited until the next day to really overload social media with my memories. Here are my shots (and a few snagged from everyone there) captured throughout the day:

It stopped raining, so we snagged a few photos!
Apply Ever After!

This day. Lot & Coach P. Was perfect. As I drove home on the dark, rain soaked freeway, I sat there with the biggest, cheesiest smile on my face. Lot’s day was so perfect (and Coach P too). She was genuinely happy and enjoyed every minute of her wedding. Our group of friends is beyond amazing, supportive, and fun. I’ve done something right in these 33 years, to know that I’m surrounded by some amazing women who continue to support and celebrate each others exciting moments and also be there for the hard ones. This was another example of how great our tribe really is. Our smiling faces are a perfect indicator, regardless of the shitty weather, of how this day truly was felt by each one of us!

Love conquers rain…and then makes for beautiful pics!

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