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Musings: Facial Face

Do you make random things up?…like I do!

Facial Face is among the handful of them. It’s pretty self explanatory, it’s my face after a facial. More importantly, its a face with no makeup.

Literally taken right after I left the Skin Ninja, in her parking lot!

I wish I could sit here and say that I’m happily comfortable in my own non-makeup skin. But I’m not quite there. However, I am on the right path to get there. Forcing myself to take better care of my skin, mainly focusing on my face, has helped me in my journey to be comfortable in my own skin.

Slowly, over the last one and a half years I’ve started to not rely on make-up so much. Especially during the work week. These days all I apply is moisturizer and mascara. Prior to this transformation, I would do my whole face – eye shadow, fill in my eyebrows, concealer, blush, and powder. The first jump was to stop using eye shadow. Then more recently I decided to not wear any face make up, I got tired of taking the time to apply it. I also told myself I was saving money doing this, by not going through product so fast. So these days I’m just sporting mascara to work and on some weekend days too. I also love how its saving me some extra money, all the make-up lasts longer too!

It took me a while to get where I am and I’m still not always confident in my make-up less beauty.

Anyways, I digress slightly. So, prior to this change in thought I would always preface “I just had a facial” when I went somewhere after getting one or pretty much the whole weekend when I got one. Since, rule number one post facial is to not wear makeup at least for the rest of the day. A close rule number two is stay out of the sun! I felt I needed to justify why I didn’t have any make-up on. Thus came the term ‘facial face’. I’d just say, “Pardon the facial face, I just got one today!” That would be how I would explain myself, but really it was to make me feel better about not wearing make-up.

These days, I’m actually enjoying the benefits of actively taking care of my skin. I was always frugal about getting facials, those bad boys are EXPENSIVE! But I’ve come to learn that our skin changes at 30 and you just need a good, regular cleaning. Over the counter products can’t clean your pores like a trained esthetician can. So, thanks to a local blogger friend, Maria, I was introduced to the Skin Ninja. Yup, that’s what she goes by, but in real life her name is Sarah. She is awesome (she has no clue I’m writing this, she did not ask for this endorsement at all!) and has really helped get my skin in better shape.

My skin wasn’t bad, it could be worse. But she’s been guiding me in the right direction on how to properly take care of my skin, while also using her expertise every few months for a good deep clean. She doesn’t push products or services on you. She is honest and totally awesome, I enjoy our sessions together. She’s super laid back, but completely professional. Her location is super cute, but kinda far from my house, but worth the trek.

Below are pictures right after my last Facial Face. I wanted to post post this yummy treat on IG and was trying to own up to Facial Face too. But in the end, I decided to add mascara and lipstick, because I felt prettier that way. I was okay with the Facial Face image on the left, but throwing on a pop of color really brightened up my face. Like I already said, I’m trying. I’m not 100% comfortable in my own non-made-up-face yet, but I’m getting there. Baby steps, baby steps.

Do you feel comfortable without make up on?

If so, have you always been that way? If no, what could get you there? I am very curious about this topic. I think its all wrapped up in your own personal growth, or at least for me it seems that way. I am slowly starting to care less about how I am perceived without make-up on. I’m almost annoyed on the weekdays that I need to ‘put on my face’ for visitors, a meeting, or an interview. That’s huge for me, just me…

Facial Face is starting to be my new favorite thing!


  • Anonymous

    I DO NOT feel comfortable without makeup on. I feel like a totally different person. The hair on my face is very light and my hair is dark so, I feel like I look like bleached eyebrows Lady Gaga without it. Luckily, my daughter and I (she's 5) talk about makeup and why I wear it and why (thanks to her Latinx and Hispanic pops) she probably won't feel the same way I do and if she does, that's fine.

  • Musings of a Girly Tomboy

    I'm sure you are gorgeous, I know exactly how you feel though. It really takes practice. I think our generation didn't quite learn to accept your natural beauty, as much as kids hear it now. If you want to go make-up less, I suggest just to try it out from time to time. It took me awhile to feel comfortable and I'm not there 100% at all! But I'm glad you discuss this with your daughter, that is important (in my book)! Good luck and know you are a beautiful human, despite our annoying insecurities! xoxo, ganeeban

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