THANKSgiving 2016

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. – William Arthur Ward

It’s pretty hard not to be reminded of the essence of tomorrow, Thanksgiving! More than anything lately, remembering to be grateful and thankful for every single thing has help me stay grounded, sane, and be accepting of plenty of things I can and cannot change.

So, to be as cliche as possible I’m going to put my “THANKS” out into the Interwebs. Tomorrow, I hope to enjoy each moment with family, friends, and good food — all the important Fs in one’s life!

I am thankful for…

New Family Dynamics // Our life changed in August this year, but really the change started as early as June. The culmination to our happily somewhat end-ish result has been the best and hardest adjustment for myself, as I cannot speak for others. Seeing a human being hate someone so much it outweighs their sanity and love for another innocent person, is an awful thing to watch unfold. Being a bystander affected by the hatred is what has continued to remind me to be thankful for how I was raised, as well as knowing to be honest and truthful in everything I do. That being said, our new family dynamic has been a blessing and I love seeing how I have grown as a woman, partner, and role model. But, I know there are more times than not, that this is also a time for me to learn patience and understanding. For the hard moments are completely outweighed by the happy, simple every day moments we share!

Family // Not just mine anymore, but J’s as well. They ALL sacrifice so much for our family, I tend to be at a loss for words for how much they help us in so many different ways. I am so thankful I was born into my family, they are my world. My parents did so much and for only realizing how much as I am older, I feel forever indebted to them, forever grateful. Having such a caring and generous Lil, who will also PT me through text messages is a great feeling and friendship to have growing up my entire life too. We don’t talk or text every day, like some families do, but I don’t doubt for one second that we don’t think about one another each day.

Friendship // I know I talk about my friends all the damn time, but each one has filled some type of gap in my life that needed a patch. From the sarcastic, silly friends to my active friends, or even my once every year friends — my world is on the right track from these humans who lend their time, their ear, their shoulder, their wisdom, and their vulnerability to me. There have been plenty of life’s highs and lows for my group of friends this year, but with each one encountered, they ALL seem to show up in some way or another. It’s a very safe and blessed feeling to know these humans have surrounded me with their friendship, day in and day out.

Amazon Prime // You may laugh, but Prime is a freakin’ life saver. For the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes ordering stuff online and receiving it in less than 2 days is more convenient than going to get it at the store. I don’t even use it to its full advantage, Prime Music being a great example, but I love how easily accessible so many things are to me.

Adventuring // When the finances and vacation time at work permit, I am becoming more thankful and grateful for creating memories versus buying something. It isn’t a luxury that is always afforded to me, but when we/I can, I try to take advantage of it. Luckily work has lead me to fun places from time to time, while other times its with the Parentals. Whether it’s a one day adventure somewhere close or for a week somewhere exotic, adventuring is something I am keenly aware that sits above my thankful list.

Reflection // Without reflecting on a while grip of things, life would be stagnant – I would be, my relationship, my friendships, my career (which kinda still is), everything! Taking time to reflect, but also using that reflection to make an action plan and/or change/adjustment is what I’m thankful for this year. Making changes for improvement for whatever aspect is needed in my life. I am so far from perfect, there is always something that I can work on.

Foodie Connections // It seems like this year I really found a cool little niche of foodie connections through social media. It’s no secret that food is about 90% of my everyday, but to find like minded folks is pretty cool, then to get to bond (re: eat) over it is also fun. So many cool events AND delicious foods have been experienced this year. I’m thankful for the fun opportunities I’ve had with some dope foodie people!

Purchasing My First Car // It only took me 33 years, but it was a real independence booster to finally say I own my own car — even if the Parentals still assisted with the loan. I love knowing that I work to make my payments and I choose exactly what I wanted. I also feel thankful that my parents helped me for so many years, but now they can rest a little easier knowing I’m making better financial decisions, all around I might add.

Strength // Lastly, I am thankful for my physical strength. Some days its only to get out of bed, work, make dinner, and fall back into bed. Other days it consists of a PR at Midtown or at least nothing short of 100 burpees. Currently, I’m out of commission with an undiagnosed moderately torn meniscus and its driving me crazy to feel anything other than strong. I am grateful my body is working and allows me to play a full 90 minute soccer game, run a few miles, or struggle through a Milo workout. I know it won’t always be able to do these things, so while I can I will be thankful for the movements and the opportunity it allows. I’m also extremely grateful, because I know there are plenty others who aren’t afforded this luxury, so I won’t take it for granted!

I’m pretty sure I’ve said these things plenty of times this year, but then it must mean this still remain true. This has been a crazy, good and ugly, year for me. But through the tears and scary moments, I’ve learned new things about myself. I’ve seen the worst in a human, but all the good that surrounds me outweighs that one horrible person. Tomorrow, as I sit stuffing my face with amazingly delicious food, I will remember this list, which still feels incomplete for some reason. I will take the essence of the holiday and remember to live through it each moment of tomorrow.

Giving thanks for one day is great, but it really should be an everyday thing!

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