A Surprise Adventure with River City Rickshaw

Christmas lights are magical…

…which is why everyone loves to find the best court/street decorated to the 9’s. If you live in Sacramento, then you know about a few things: 1. The Fab 40’s are gorgeous in themselves, but even more so during the Holidays, 2. Don’t drive during them at night, it’s worse than any freeway traffic on a holiday, and 3. Get your butt over there, somehow, someway to see their hard work glowing and illuminating their gorgeous yards and homes!

I’m a lazy human and I’ve always been one to employ the likes of others to get me from A to B. I love, love, love that there are a slew of pedicab’s around AT&T park. I always said we needed them in Sacramento. Well, when the Golden 1 Center went up, River City Rickshaw filled that gap or need or want for us! I always feel bad as the biker slays (one was sweating like crazy after he took us) away to get us to our destination, but it is always a fun experience. I love the openness of the adventure, missing the cramped and gross feeling of a cab. Granted, those cold, post-game SF nights are a little chilly, but worth the ride!

That being said, I knew it was the perfect way to go see the lights in the Fab 40’s. If you happen to drive anywhere in their vicinity at night, even on Folsom Boulevard, you’ll probably be cursing aloud at everyone causing unnecessary traffic to see the lights. You could walk them too, which plenty of people do…but I wanted to up my light seeing game.

Working with RCR was such an easy experience. I reached out and inquired about pricing and availability. I know they are always around the Grid, but really centralized around the Golden One Center. However, they offer so much more — you just have to ask! RCR does private events or requests,
they charge by the hour. They have a slew of pedicab’s waiting to be
used, twelve is what I mean by slew AND they seat up to 5 people in them
AND they are covered (on top). I learned that they normally only ask for tips for their regular pedicab services, however anyone can call to schedule a private tour or for an event. I didn’t think of it, but they have been rented out for weddings and other events of the likes. Such a cool idea! If you’re in Sacramento and interested in this awesome service, call 916-334-1233.

I got a little worried when the day before our surprise adventure, it poured for 24 hours straight with no letting up in sight — even though my weather app said no rain for Friday, I don’t trust that thing. However, Friday rolled around and no rain was to be seen. Phew!

During the week, I left a letter for J and L. Inside I wrote:

Bundle up, we’re going on a secret adventure! Please be ready on December 16th at 6:30PM. Hot Cocoa will be provided!” 
I also added into our calendar so we wouldn’t book anything during that time. That’s all I said to either of them about the topic. L asked a few times, because she can’t handle surprises like any average 8 year old…they just want to know. But I wouldn’t budge. Earlier, I had stopped by the Dollar Tree to grab a kids thermos for L, pro-tip from my best friend!
As they made their long commute home and I got off work, we met at home. I ran (re: snuck out) to Starbucks to grab J and I some delish coffees to enjoy and I made L homemade hot cocoa for her thermos. Neither of them were paying attention to me, so they didn’t notice what I was doing. Jeff, who is the owner and was our awesome tour guide for the evening, text me that he was right outside. I handed them their drinks, grabbed our blankets, and told them their surprise was waiting outside.

We opened the front door and they were quiet! Didn’t say anything! That wasn’t the reaction I was going for! Anywho, Jeff introduced himself and had his awesome Christmas music already going. He offered to let us use our music, but we enjoyed already, so we left it at that. I told them we were going to take the pedicab to the Fab 40’s to look at Christmas lights and then they both got excited, finally!

The pedicab is awesome, Jeff even had a blanket for us — even though we had our own. The seats were pretty comfy and so was the ride. The only bumps you feel are the ones that are huge, otherwise it’s really a great ride. It was super spacious and I loved that we could sit facing each other. Also, his lights were super fun and changed colors on a rotating cycle. 

Jeff was super friendly and chatted with us the entire time, he was awesome with L. He also let us pick the route and worked his ass off, pedaling up and down the Fab 40’s being super safe since there were a lot of cars too. L loved it. She loved seeing all the people, waiving like a princess, and greeting all the other light see-er’s! I loved seeing all the houses, all the people in such good spirits and so nice to everyone, and enjoying this fun ride with my fave people! It was cold, yet super relaxing. Blankets and beanies were really the key to making it fun, the hot drinks were also a great touch — unless someone had to use the bathroom, luckily we all could wait the hour until we got home 😉

When we got back home, Jeff was kind enough to let me pose on the bike. I should probably mention I almost crashed it, since I ignored his advice to hold the handle bars a certain way! Sorry, Jeff! As we were arriving, J’s brother and nephew were walking up too. We bid Jeff farewell and hung out for the rest of the evening.

This was a great way to change up our annual Christmas light seeing ways. The openness of the pedicab is great for kids, but super safe. There was a seat belt in the pedicab too. Christmas lights are already fun, but seeing them in a new and different way was the perfect ingredient to surprise J & L.

Making it a December to remember with surprises and love! 

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