Festivus..or Nahhh…

…for the rest of us!


Oh how ironic today I chose to write a sweet, quick little holiday post..AND then I realized it was Festivus, which comes along with the “airing of grievances”! And that would be the best, seeing as how shitty 2016 has really been..with some very highs though too!

Anywho, I digress. Damn you Seinfeld, you are pretty amazing with your splendid observational humor. Not gonna lie, a Festivus blog post would be amazing to write, but also probably too offensive for me to air my actual grievances in real life. That’s what J and friends are for 😉 HAHA

Really, I came to this space, because Christmas is always a whirlwind of love, family, food, and fun — which means no blogging.

Here are a few Christmas quotes that made me smile (thanks Pinterest):
One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day. – Andy Rooney
“Maybe Christmas,” he thought,
“doesn’t come from a Store.”
“Maybe Christmas, 
means a little bit more!”
Christmas magic is silent. You don’t hear it. You feel it. You know it. You believe it.
I just wanted to wish anyone who stops by here a lovely holiday filled with whatever makes your heart smile and your belly full! Whether it’s family or friends, or friends that became family, I hope your day is special, relaxing, and whatever you need it to be!

I know its super cheesy, but I truly believe that it’s about the presence not the presents. I have to remind myself that leading up to the big day. I do put a lot of emphasis on what I give to others, but J is helping me realize that not everyone else sees it as I do. It’s hard to take that perspective in, but I am trying too! I always go into last minute panic mode, thinking I don’t have enough for everyone or I’m missing something. This year I’ve worked hard to get it all done before hand and did pretty well. Even the wrapping is under control this year too! Yay! No Christmas eve scramble, which is usually the case.

In case you need the reminder (too), take time to sit back and enjoy those that surround you. Accept their love and light, and remember to reflect it to them. Put aside the anger for a day or two. Put away the petty for another day. Try to remember what we always tell kids — to believe in the holiday spirit and live magically! I know this is incredibly hard for some people, who have lost others, have no family to see, or whatever the case may be. If that is so, then find solace in doing whatever makes you feel at peace for the holidays. Forcing cheer and happiness isn’t for everyone and growing older makes you realize this. My only hope is that that if feelings like those can be put aside for one day, you can to feel alive and hopeful, just a little. That is my Christmas wish and hope for anyone reading this, this year!

Merry Everythaaang…and a happy always.

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