Christmas Advenutre: The Last Day…

A day with no plans…

This felt really nice after going nonstop from Christmas Eve to now. There were only two things that we had planned for the day, L had to have some pool time and J had to watch is beloved Spurs play! That was it…well, and of course I had to go to the beach for at least 5 minutes.

In case you missed my sporadic (not back-to-back) posts about our Christmas Adventure, to our visit to the SD Zoo or the Safari Park, feel free to catch up. Something new and fun for our family and I definitely recommend everyone trying it one year, especially if you have lovebugs!

Even though it was considered a ‘day with no plans’ that really wasn’t how it worked. We promised L she could get some swimming time in. So I got myself up and I found somewhere (besides Starbucks) where I could grab coffee and breakfast for us all, which happened to be about two blocks away at Brickyard Coffee & Tea. Their Yelp was spot on, good coffee and amazing breakfast, but the service takes forEVER! While I waited, I sat outside on their patio that was snug against some type of tracks (public transit, I’m guessing). It was sunny, quiet, and lovely…the building is all brick and pretty to look at for a few mins 😉 After they handed me my goods, I walked back to the hotel and met J and L at the pool.

Pool side breakfast should really be a thing — a mocha and their signature bagel (on an everything)! Their mocha was delish, but their signature bagel wins at everything. It was so fresh and delicious, I wish someone in Sac created something as amazing, as simple as it was! J had a vanilla latte and they both shared the croissant breakfast sandwich I ordered for them. L was too busy getting all the pool and hot tub time she could, before we had to get ready for the day. The pool was heated, which was great for AM swimming! The whole pool deck was amazing, gorgeous views to enjoy while I chilled out for a bit!


After an hour of breakfasting by the pool and watching our little water bug, we headed up stairs to get ready, pack up, and go adventure for our last day. We were able to check out at 2PM, but wanted to grab our stuff and just spend the day out and about, not worrying about coming back for luggage or to check out. So instead of our late checkout awesomeness, we checked out super early! HAHA!

We headed to Ocean Beach to check out The Harp, home of the local SD chapter for the Spurs. Traveling with J, I now know if there is a Spurs game on, we will more than likely be finding the local chapter pub to watch the game with them. It’s always interesting to see the different atmospheres each city creates for their chapter, but SD was by far the most welcoming and friendly we’ve experienced (it’s only been a handful so far to compare too).

For a midweek day game, there was a decent crowd there. Everyone was really nice and there were plenty of seats for us three to comfortably watch the game, extremely kid-friendly as well. Since we all ate a decent breakfast, we weren’t too hungry. We did munch on some french fries, J drank some local IPA, and L happily sipped on a soda. We spent a decent amount of time here, but with the windows open it was the perfect setting. The best part is the owner of the Harp is actually a Chelsea fan, but allows the Spurs local chapter to use this as their home base! Afterwards the crazy Spurs fans celebrated the win and I snapped a quick pic of them all outside with their SD banner!

The main drag in OB is one fun, long street lined with all kinds of shops — food, stuff, and drinks. We decided to head to Hodad’s to try out the infamous burgers, who were apparently on DDD and came highly recommended by a few friends. When we walked up there was a huge line outside, which we learned was to eat there. We decided to order to-go to skip the line and so we could eat it down by the beach. Inside is a chaotic mess of craziness and driver license paraphernalia thrown up everywhere. The beachy town vibe is strong, so is the not so nice attitude of the staff (or they are just too busy to care).

L ordered a cheeseburger, I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, and J ordered a double bacon cheeseburger. We also ordered fries and onion rings to share among ourselves. I also ordered a choco shake to enjoy, while J ordered a beer to drink in the hallway of the bathroom while we waited for our order — because that was literally the only space to drink it inside. This place was cramped and super busy, but I see the lure.

Once our order was done, I grabbed it and we headed to the beach. Yes, the beach…I was a happy girl! We set up camp on the cement semi-wall thing so we wouldn’t have sand in our food. L was getting situated with her burger in the sand, while I was getting situated with the other food. I held out my burger, obviously in hopes to snag a pic. But as I had my burger in hand a seagull flew over my head, in my above peripheral vision I saw the seagull fly above me — wings spread, legs dangling, swoop over my head. In an instant it had knocked my burger out of my hand, wrapper and all, and I covered my head because that was the only reaction I could come up with. 20+ seagulls flocked to my burger and I couldn’t even see it anymore. Literally, nothing…a few seconds later a couple seagull remained as did my outside yellow wrapper.

The two families near us laughed at my expense. I was pissed! I didn’t even get ONE bite of that infamous burger! It was really good that J ordered the double bacon cheeseburger, who was gone through this entire event at the bathroom. He came back smiling and then perplexed as to why I was so annoyed and laughing at the same time! Annoyed and in disbelief, I shared J’s huge, dripping burger with him, with a keen sense specifically spotting any seagull anywhere near us. I wasn’t falling for this trap again! Just glad they got mine and not L’s!

After we consumed our late lunch we hung out at the beach for the rest of the afternoon. Try telling an 8 year old not to get completely wet since you have a flight to catch later. That works out well (insert sarcasm). Her 20 runs to and from the water, had to have been tiring — we were tired just watching her. Her hunt for shells was intense, as was our people watching. L and I played in the freezing water a bit, by playing I mean running away as the tide came up so it wouldn’t touch our already cold toes. The water was dangerous that day and there were signs posted and the lifeguards were telling people not to go out too far. There was also a huge sand mound, where L found joy in playing on and many others were sitting up there for the view too.


We sauntered back to the car when our meter was going to expire. They were just starting to set up for their weekly farmers market, but we decided to skip it — even though that would have been kinda fun. We needed something to do for about an hour, that wouldn’t take too long. Obviously, I went to Yelp to source some fun activity for us. Finally, we decided on checking out the Sunset Cliffs.

Lucky us, it was really close to sunset, so we really ended our trip on a great note. Our first true sunset as a little family of three. As we turned onto the main street that parallels the ocean and cliffs, you could really pull into any mini parking lot that had availability. We picked one and parked, squeezed ourselves into the smallest parking spot possible. 

There were tons of people out on a midday evening, ready for a sunset. It was getting cold, but that didn’t deter anyone. There was some interesting people watching going on – an anime photo shoot, costume and all. Since its a cliff, we were really careful how we went about finding the right spot to watch the sunset. There were surfers enjoying the waves and if you looked either way, left or right, there were tons of people on each cliff.


Happily, serenely watching the sun set the three of us sat there together enjoying the moment. It couldn’t have any more perfect to end our Christmas Adventure. 

From here on it, it was just logistics of getting to the airport, flying home, to getting back to home-sweet-home thanks to the parentals. Oh yes, our late dinner consisted of a run to the border. The some sweet Zzz’s to reflect on a great trip and all the memories we had from the trip!

Looking back on it, we spent way more than we normally would have for an actual gift for L. The experience and the moments were worth the expense. I think this is something we may do every few years or so, but not every year. I’m glad J goes along with my silly ideas, which normally end up working out for us. In this case, it ended December perfectly for us! Most of the time, memories are much more prevalent in a child’s mind than a toy or any physical object — well maybe not American Girl dolls, ugh ;)!

Adventures are meant to be had and our family will live up to this every single day of the year!

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