Musings: Physical Therapy Newbie

Remember how I pretty much bullied my way to a MRI?

Well, that didn’t really help. Ever since then, it’s been a mess — part in thanks to my PCP and the people who work there. Get it together people!

Before I go on. I’m no one special, nor is my story here. Plenty of people go through physical therapy for various reasons. I’m not any different than those people. I just blog. HAHA. So, knowing that, know that this may be a pretty mundane post about pretty much nothing!

Anywho, the MRI indicated that there might be some enchondroma beneath the patella and something going on near the femur. This triggered the PCP to request an x-ray of my knee next, which I completed right away. Then someone at the office, I’m not sure if they are a doctor told me three different things:

  1. The x-ray did not show anything — it’s like a false positive.
  2. You can meet with the head doctor and get a steroid shot. — Cannot go to PT or do anything if you don’t see the doctor.
  3. It’s degenerative and there’s nothing you can do.

She literally told me all three of those things. Very confusing to say the least. I asked for a second opinion by someone a friend recommended. She could not grant that before I saw the doctor. So, I made an appointment with the actual doctor who’s name is on the practice!

Luckily, they got me in pretty soon to see the doctor. Apparently he works with Sac State and their sports teams. Those credentials are great and all, but don’t matter if you can’t figure out what is wrong with ME! Since he’d never seen me before, we ran though everything that I’ve done so far. He said all the same stuff the lady said, besides the false positive from the x-ray. He was surprised that I was able to get a MRI approved. I got skills 😉 Anywho, all he did was move my knee around and poke at it, then said I had to go to physical therapy. 

The words I dreaded. Lil does this as a living and I completely respect it, but I’m not sure if it is really going to help my situation. Especially if it is due to degenerative reasons. But alas, that was my only option. When I asked him about the second opinion, he basically put me down and made me feel dumb, since the person I was inquiring about is a surgeon. He said “what’s he going to do for you, he’s a surgeon?” Rude, huh! He said after PT and no soccer, I have to come back in six weeks and he’ll reassess the situation.

So, there you have my random journey to physical therapy. I chose one that was near my  house and work, to negate taking time off from work. Their ‘first’ appointments are really hard to come by. She assured me that once you start PT, it was easier to get the reoccurring appointments. However, she did put me on a cancellation list, where they call you to take a canceled appointment — but they don’t leave messages and they will only try you a handful of times, before you’re dropped! 

My appointment was three weeks out, but on my second cancellation call I got an appointment that would work for me. The first call came at 1:11PM asking to be there by 2PM, I just laughed and politely declined.

I wasn’t expecting much. And nothing much exciting happened either. My PT, Kim, welcomed me into an open area and started her assessment. She did not have access to my MRI or my x-ray, yay PCP! We went through the whole saga of the last couple of months. Then she gave me six exercises which she watched me do. It really is a weird feeling to be stretching while someone watches you, specifically. But yup, that’s what I did. We were a hot mess when it count to keeping counts and reps. I thought she was keep track and vice versa, so I’m sure I did more or less than what I was supposed too. This happened a handful of times! Six exercises and she finished it up with some ultrasound therapy. I have no idea what it is supposed to do, but she did mention she hoped it would reduce any inflammation. 

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You know what did feel good after my PT session, my hips. My left hip felt amazing. My knee, well it wasn’t hurting before hand and it didn’t seem to hurt after the session either. I didn’t ice it after therapy. 

I promised myself that I’d get my ass back to Midtown. I thought my PT exercises would be a great way to warm-up and then I could jump into whatever workout was happening or Milo could modify something for me to do. So, as I promised myself I went to Midtown the next AM and started with my stretches and exercises, but I did them on both legs. Once I was done, I did some sled drags, dead lifts (which were a little too much), dumbbell presses, and finished with some pushups. Nothing too crazy, but I figured it was better than doing nothing at home.

So, here we are. My knee does not hurt, because I’ve been doing nothing to exert it. So, now I have to remind myself that I need to go slow and not believe that I can just go back into working out as hard and intensely as before. Even though as soon as I walk into Midtown I want to do everything everyone else is doing. I feel lame. I feel weak. But I am not going to think that way, because I need to strengthen other muscles to relieve the stress on my knee, patella, and possibly femur. If it truly is degenerative, there isn’t much that can be done. My body needs to learn a different way to use its parts to keep it going. No soccer is killing me. I’m even jonsing to run! But, I need to slow down.

I feel like I’m always saying that. I’ve milked this pseudo injury for too long. I need to start the ever slow process of physical therapy and get my leg(s) right so I can keep playing the sport I love and going to Midtown!

Counting and stretching are two things that don’t go together!


  • Kacey

    Good luck to you and your physical therapy. It sounds like you are taking everything in stride and that you have a positive outlook about everything. We are all anxious to hear what we know will be a positive outcome and will be keeping you in our prayers until you have beat this! Stay positive and stay focused!

    Kacey @ Glendale MRI

    • Musings of a Girly Tomboy

      Hi Kacey! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words. The Tens unit I have has really helped lately. I just modify most movements and PT didn't really aid in my situation. I need to find a new PCP who is supportive of finding a solution. For now, I will roll, stretch, ice, and use the Tens unit to alleviate any pain! xoxo, Ganeeban

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