Sprinkle Baby C // Animal, Woodsy, Fox Theme

A Gender Reveal, a Sprinkle, a Babymoon, a Push Present…

…all this new age bull-shit! I mean really, these new terms deemed necessary for new (or not-new) Mom’s is getting crazy. Consumerism has created a culture of craziness. That being said, I’m totally immersed in it, even though I’ve never birthed a child. Most of my friends have and are already starting on their second (or third, or fourth) child.

Everything evolves, I get it. Best thing to date is my Mom still asking my Dad for back dated push presents for my sister and I! HAHA, every birthday she mentions it to him! I’m not mad at anyone, I just think the expectation of moms-to-be and those around them seems consumed with consumerism these days. And yes, if I ever have a kid, I will love every minute of that consumerism too!

Anywho, if you’d read one of my guest posts (11.30.15) awhile back then this post will surprise you. One of my best friends, the Wench, was told she had lest than half of one percent (yes, that small of percentage) to have another child. She tried and just when she was accepting it, a miracle happened. Whether it was through prayer, love, or science — she was pregnant with her second child. Life works in mysterious ways. We won’t question it, rather embrace it and celebrate the gift God gave to her!


I, along with two other friends – Smange & Stina – offered to throw her a shower. Yup, I originally offered a shower. I vaguely knew what a ‘Sprinkle’ was, but completely forgot about it. Do you know what one is? Yeah, it’s random…but makes sense when you already have one kid (still kinda makes sense if your second child is the opposite sex than your first).

Sprinkle Instead of “showering” the mother with gifts, as in a baby shower, you “sprinkle” her with just a few necessities. As the name suggests, a sprinkle is a light shower. If the child is a second or third child, mothers typically already have most of the supplies needed to care for a baby.

Having no clue this was the actual definition, I just went with it. I assumed it was a low-key baby shower — which, essentially I guess that is pretty similar to the definition. When the Wench told me she had 30+ on her list of invites, I knew there was no way I had any intention of having this ‘Sprinkle’ at a house. Cooking and cleaning up for that many people was just doing way too much.

Since Baby C’s room is a woodsy and animal theme, we figured we’d stick with that for the shower. The Wench even had some cute room decorations (a la Tarjay) she was planning to let us borrow to use at the sprinkle. I’m having the hardest time trying to corral this theme into one name that accurately represents the decor. Woodsy, but animal. Fox, but more than just foxes. Little Adventurer, but adventure happens anywhere. It’s an easy enough theme to google, but no cohesive theme title from what I found (I digress….).

We took a very unorthodox route in planning this, since we needed to find somewhere that could accommodate 30 women. To see who could even attend on the actual date, we sent a pre-save the date asking who could attend on the date and time we agreed on. It was in the form of an e-mail, detailing the deets and asking who could possibly attend that date. Once we had that list, I scoured the internet for invites to have made. Yes, I know evite works just as easily, but I think there is something so special about sending out actual invites. Thankfully, Smange and Stina, were on board with it too. I looked for a deal and came across the cutest Woodland Forest Animal Baby Shower Invitations on Zazzle. I had really wanted to have Liz create them, but she was swamped going into the holiday season.

These were sent out right smack in the start of the holiday season. After that, we didn’t really put much thought into the party. Other than to secure our location, California Pizza Kitchen. We wanted a place that didn’t charge us a fee for having a large party, had good and affordable food, and had enough space for all of us. This was the perfect location…and it helped that the Wench (and I) love this place! Bob, the Manager, was so nice and accommodating and took care of my reservation with ease.

Fast forward through holiday break, Christmas, our Christmas Adventure, and New Years — then we were left with less than a week to get our shit together. I know I didn’t put much thought into it during the month of December, I’m pretty sure none of the three of us did. So, essentially that left us scrambling.

I’m not gonna lie, I had intended to not even decorate. After Christmas I was at Target and saw some fake moss on clearance, like super clearance, and bought it in hopes to use it to decorate. I go to Target so much, I was able to find four jars at three different Targets within a week, without going out of my way to search for it! Still no real direction or what we were going to do, but I got it just in case.

But let’s be real, if you know me, then you know that I couldn’t not decorate. Even if I wanted too, I couldn’t! 

The week prior to the shower we’d been texting and asking if anyone had any ideas, nada. Finally, mid-week, I took to Pinterest to get some ideas. Thus came the another new board – Baby C Sprinkle – Fox Theme. Obviously with three days until the event, I didn’t have time to craft anything extravagant. Friday night I had two hours to get it all done with no real direction. I knew I had the fake moss and my Pinterest board. After speaking with Bob that week too, he still wasn’t sure how he’d set the tables up – two or three, so there was that added kink in the decor planning.

Keep it simple. That was my goal. I set out to Hobby Lobby to peruse the aisles. I knew I wanted the very popular wood slats. But as I was looking for the large ones, I found a couple options. I came across a bag of smaller ones in a variety of shapes. They had a lot of wood item options, so I grabbed a few to craft or use. I decided the small wood pieces would go throughout the moss spread down the entire length of the table. I would add votives on them, completely hoping I had enough votives at home, I didn’t buy an extra… After walking the entire store twice, I finally asked an employee if they had anything with ‘baby foxes’ on it, which she told me they had some stuff in the party aisle. Perfect, yet I was worried it would be too animated and fake looking — I was going for the more natural look. Lo and behold, they had bags of acorns and pine cones, tons of paper decorations, colorful garland, stuffed animals, and tons of plate wear too! I bought the items that didn’t look so fairytale like and seemed to go with the theme – the bag of acorns and pine cones, garland, and the stuffed animals. I figured better to have too much than not enough, returning stuff was an option too. I also found one of those decorations, which are signs that are pre-made and ready to add to a wall, which read ‘Little Adventurer’ that had a wood frame. I even thought it may go cute in Baby’s C’s room, but wouldn’t be offended if she didn’t want it.

From there I headed to Party City to look for cute small bags, boxes, or whatever to hold the trail mix we were going to give as party favors. I didn’t like anything they had, all of their colors were bright, not more neutral or woodsy colored. From there I headed to Joann’s to grab additional pine cones, some clear bags, brown twine, and tags where I would write “To fuel your future ADVENTURES!” This idea came from the following pin. In line to check out they had a bunch of felt to buy, so I grabbed two sheets to craft something — I just didn’t know what yet?! Lastly, I had to swing by Costco to buy two bags of trail mix to finish my shopping for the party and some dinner!

I headed home and J took it upon himself to help me make all the goodie bags. He’s the best! Once that was done I crafted a cute sign with Baby C’s name on it with the felt, my letter cut outs, and double sided tape. The letters were too big, so I slowly but surely trimmed them to fit the board.

The Wench had given me the wall decorations, stuffed animals, and two crates the night prior at Girls Night, so I had everything we needed for the party. I didn’t even have to stay up past 10PM to get it all done, winning! We had planned to meet at CPK early to set-up, so everything seemed in place.

My biggest worry was how people would perceive buying their own meal at CPK! We were going to buy appetizers for everyone, but everyone had to pay for their own meal. How does that look to people? Generally, growing up, if a party was hosted at a restaurant, the host/ess paid the tab. That wasn’t really an option for the three of us, so we added “Appetizers will be provided!” on the invite, hoping that would indicate that everyone had to pay for their own meal. Since over half of the party was good friends, I’d already prefaced that for them. I know the guilt was unnecessary, I just felt like a shitty hostess since I couldn’t pay for everyone’s meal. EVERYONE was super cool about it, but I still felt cheap and bad.

Again, I had a faint idea of what I wanted to execute for the decorations. As soon as I got there, Bob let me in and we got down to business. In all, I think it ended up being simple, yet super cute. Tooting our (really my) own horn over here 😉 I’m glad I had those votives from forever ago and there were enough. The moss was going to be a mess, but it really came together. The garland gave it a pop of color, but still felt like it was in theme. The Wench wanted a gift table, so using the crate, the signs, and stuffed animals helped that  request come together.

We still didn’t know what to do with the hanging animal heads, but finally decided to add them to the banner I bought. I was going to add Baby C’s name, but it would have looked off due to the amount of banner flags and the length of the name. It ended up looking cute too, but we couldn’t hang it on the wall and had to settle for hanging from the seating — which was not centered to the table and it was killing me (re: OCD)!


For lack of true planning, it ended up being a lovely afternoon sprinkling the Wench and Baby C! It was very minimal, but came together to create a little woodsy animal theme, just like his room is decorated! I know I had a great and relaxing time and of course we took tons of pics to celebrate. Oh yes, we also did create a hashtag – #SprinkleBabyC ! Gotta have a hashtag for posts, party planning essential these days (don’t forget to check IG to see if the hashtag is already used, prior to the party!)!

The staff at CPK killed it and totally accommodated our group. It was the perfect setting for our Sprinkle! We had two tables next to each other, which made it hard to converse with those at the other table, but it worked out. The restaurant has large windows and despite the rain it provided a great atmosphere and lighting!

We couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. And I don’t think anyone would have known how minimal the planning and executing went into it. Well, now that I’ve posted all this they will. But we are all so happy for the Wench’s miracle baby, a sprinkle or shower didn’t make a difference!

A little unorthodox, but sprinkled with love (and decor) and friendship for Baby C!

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