Musings: Celebrate Life…with Some Glitter

When your girlfriend is officially cancer free, you celebrate.

You celebrate with class, which obviously means glitter! Duh! There are some rules about what determines a person to be Cancer Free, so please be cognizant of what it actually means. Kelly, our superhero, has undergone rounds of chemo, radiation, and way too many hospital visits/stays to recount. But as of the beginning of the month, she told us she no longer needed Chemo and that she did not have any cancer in her body! We all were so emotional and full of happiness for her. To say one is cancer free, I believe you have to hit the five year mark with no cancer.

Anywho, we’d already been planning to celebrate her ending chemo with a surprise brunch. But when she shared the news that she was done months earlier than expect, we decided we had to celebrate as soon as possible. Not everyone gets such good news and we wanted her to know what her fight, perseverance, and strength was admired by so many around her.

Thus, came the “Celebrate Kelly” theme for our party. We thought about the theme of “F Cancer,” but Kel seemed much classier than that. And although we all agree with F Cancer, we wanted to Celebrate Kelly and her surviving a tough year with grace and humility. 

When I was looking on Pinterest for themes or ideas on how to decorate, everything was centered on Breast Cancer and all light pink, the color associated with that specific type of cancer. Kel did not have that type of cancer so it wasn’t helpful. Also, there was a lot of “F Cancer” stuff too, which wasn’t the route we were looking for either. So, I remembered I had a Hostess w/ the Mostess board that I previously pinned ideas that I liked. This pin was my inspiration, married with the gold letters from Hobby Lobby (which I had tried to buy for the Sprinkle).

via Pinterest
via Hobby Lobby

My intent was to create some type of glittery holder that would hold all of the letters of Kel’s name and then add the accent of glitter covered candle holders on the table. That was my intent. All the crafting and shopping was to make this happen, even though in the end it went a little different (right, Lis?)! I wanted the colors to be rose gold and gold, but for some reason HL & Michael’s don’t sell rose gold glitter, neither does anyone on Amazon. So, instead I went with pink (even though I previously said pink represented breast cancer), a dark pink.

Our Shopping List at Michael’s

  • Pink & Gold Glitter
  • Clear String – in the jewelry making section
  • Dowels
  • Styrofoam
  • Gold & Pink Striped Paper Printed Straws
  • Pink Recollections Doilies
  • Recollections Gold Dots on a string (no clue what these are called)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Floating Votives – Heart shaped
  • Elmer’s® CraftBond® Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

I also went to the Salvation Army and the Good Will to find random candle holders. I wanted them all to be different, sizes and heights. My Mom gave me a few old wine glasses that she didn’t want any more, so I used those too. Finally, I also stopped at the Dollar Tree to grab two matching, smaller vases that I had intended to use as the base holders of the dowels where the letters would hang. My original plan was to have each letter come out of a candle holder, but with the different heights and variety, I thought this may be too hard to execute. Little did I know…

via Pinterest – This was the look I was going for, to put in the middle of our brunch table…

Care and I had both shopped at both stores to finish all the shopping. Then she and the boys came over and we ate pizza and crafted everything. And by crafted I mean we turned everything magically into sparkly fun things with the spray adhesive and glitter. Making a complete mess of my house and back patio. It was super fun, despite the glitter explosion that occurred.

Everything was well prepped and ready to go for the brunch at Cafeteria 15L. Prior to, I ran to Trader Joes to get fresh flowers for additional decoration. I got to Cafeteria early and Lisa joined me to set up. Without getting into all the details, everyone else got there early but got sat at a different table. They didn’t know we were on the patio setting it all up, when they’d also set-up their stuff at their table. After we’d finished, I finally looked at my phone to see where everyone was…

But prior to that, Lisa and I got down to decorating. We tried so many different things to get my idea to come to life, but it just didn’t work. The vases needed something as a weight barrier in the bottom, but nothing at our disposal worked. The dowels were too thin to withstand the weight of the string and the balloons, coupled with the non-secured vases, we failed a handful of times. Frustrated, I finally noticed the restaurant had some out door decor and we decide to use them, despite them being kinda grimey, they were sturdy enough and we could tie the string to them. It wasn’t the perfect plan I had envisioned but it worked out.

Also, I thought we’d have one large table, but we had two smaller tables next to each other. Luckily, we had enough decorations to spread the love. It wasn’t even love, but it worked out. It was killing the OCD/Type A in me not to be even, but you get over that stuff real quick when you are running out of time. We decorated each table with what we had and welcomed all the girls back to the table, after we found them inside.

Care had brought an additional banner, which we hung on the curtain wall. The regular wall was not keen to tape or anything being attached to it, so that didn’t work when we tried too. It made for a great prop for our group pic!

Thankfully, Kel was the last to arrive and we pulled off the surprise perfectly! I think I can say she was thoroughly surprised by our celebration for her.

the Guidette made a gorgeous cake and obviously stuck with the glitter
theme. There is no task she cannot handle, she comes through with every request I’ve ever asked of her! It tasted amazing, it was a cheesecake brownie cake with
chocolate ganache on top…pretty amazing stuff!

I read a quote that went something like its “Cancer doesn’t have a face until it happens to some close to you or you.” This is so freaking true its scary. I’m just grateful we were able to celebrate the end of that chapter of Kel’s story. I know she will still have testing and yearly things to endure, but we will continue to pray and celebrate her current state. Kel’s
story is her story to tell, if she chooses too one day. But I am
grateful she didn’t mind that I blogged about this celebration for her. I
will always remember sitting in a Round Table booth finding out that
she was cancer free.

Crafting is so similar to my cooking. Sometimes it works out brilliantly and sometimes it doesn’t. But it never seems to stop me from trying. With crafting, I kinda do my own thing after being pin-spired, but with cooking I really stick to the recipe. 

This post has proven harder to write than anticipated. I wanted to focus on the party planning and crafting mostly. But as I write, it seems like I’m down playing what Kel endured. Which in no way is what I am wanted to express. I know she’s private and want to respect her story, but I also want to celebrate her strength, perseverance, and faith in healing and kicking Cancer in the ass! Crafting is minute compared to what she went though, but I also think it’s fun to talk about. So I have a kinda weird feeling about this post. It didn’t really go where I wanted it too, because really it’s just about celebrating the goodness that is Kel and her health.

Decorations are important, but kicking cancer’s ass trumps all!


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