Musings: Mileless February

20 miles a month was all I said…

…and for two months I’ve come nowhere near that goal I set. I did post a little about my 2017 goals, but I don’t think I covered this one in my post.

Even though I made this goal with a hurt knee, I still imagined it would be figured out by now. Well, obviously I don’t have a clue as to what is going on. I finished my Physical Therapy, but decided to scrap my Doctor appointment. I’m tired of spending $35 per visit to get told nothing in particular. PT was not helping that much, but I also gave up about halfway through the process. I went to PT for the last two appointments, but I didn’t do the exercises in between appointments.

I expect no pity party here at all.

I think I went to Midtown one or two times this month, but that’s it…and I’m even fuzzy about that at this point. 

However, since I decided the knee was feeling better, although nothing has really changed — I went for it. I didn’t just go for it, I WENT for it. I played 2 indoor games and 2 outdoor games in the span of ONE week! I iced like a crazy lady and popped ibuprofen like nobody’s business. As you could guess, after each game it progressively got worse. Here I am, five days after the fourth game and I’m still in pain sporting a little gimp limp around. 

Four was excessive. But I loved the feeling of being out there. I am nowhere near 100% to use my knee (even worse for cardio), but touching the ball, being on the pitch, and being active were exactly what I was craving. I gave into the craving. I gave into the vice. Even though I probably shouldn’t have

So here’s to March. Trying to figure out a good balance of soccer, Midtown, and running on a knee that has some unknown and undiagnosed issues. No soccer this week has been a blessing, but I’m itching to get back on the pitch. Finally the weather has allowed us to start playing our Women’s outdoor league and Co-Ed is just about to start — there won’t be a shortage of soccer at all. I’ll just need to practice better decision making skills, so I don’t overwhelm my lame knee.

All that being said, I’m still looking for advice. I have a doctor who didn’t provide clear insight regarding my MRI and X-ray. He never confirmed or denied anything that the tech had relayed to me. Do I know if anything is wrong? No. Did they say there was? Yes. Did they confirm it? No. Did you do PT? Yes, kinda. I’m stuck, I don’t trust my doctor and he was snarky when I asked him about a second opinion for a local sports surgeon. I hesitate to go back, to hear nothing important and to be told to stay off of it. Neither of those are helping in solving my knee issue.

Something isn’t right, but I’m not sure how I should go about this — without going for broke! Let’s see what I can accomplish in March!

Just your average #MusingsOfAGirlyTomboy whining….   

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