Musings: Monterey Birthday Getaway


After years of dating, we finally found our way to Monterey. I’ve been asking and talking about going here forever. I’m truly a kid a heart. The ocean calms me and I love everything about it — so obviously, The Monterey Bay Aquarium makes my heart swoon!

Instead of detailing out our trip in my verbose style, I will just leave you with a somewhat of a picture diary of our trip. Of course I’ll leave links to where we went, in case any of these pics or ideas peak your interest.

Cause we are ballers-on-a-budget, we spent our long weekend and left on Saturday and came home on Monday. Much better hotel rates versus doing a Friday through Sunday. Winning!

J had a very loose itinerary planned for the weekend, but also wanted to make sure I got to do whatever I wanted, whenever. So, it ended up being completely relaxing and not so on-the-go as I usually am. He also treated me to a spa treatment at our hotel, which was the perfect way to start my my actual day of birth. A massage for breakfast, yesssss please!

Our trip in pictures…

So much happiness in my belly and my heart. I really wanted to go to Mc Way Falls, thanks to Instagram, but thanks to mother nature we couldn’t since Hwy 1 was closed. And there is no other way to get there 🙁 But we rolled with the punches and made the best of it, even though my knee was screaming at me during our alternative hike!
I kinda enjoyed the loosely planned days, even though there was one moment when I felt like we should be doing something — which is why we went and sought out the Lone Cypress. Its not like I was particularly drawn too it, but we’d been napping and I felt like we should take advantage of the getaway. But it ended up being fun and silly, so I’m glad I made us go find it!
Oh and that cute little Fuji Instamax nugget was my present to myself. I’d been debating on ordering it for over six months and finally pulled the trigger. You gotta be selective with your pictures, because each cartridge only comes with 10 photos! It’s so bulky, I kept forgetting to bring it with me too! So, needless to say only two photos were taken on our getaway! Just means we need to take more adventures to use it now.
Our time in Monterey was the perfect way to say goodbye to 33 and hello to 34. I so enjoy getting older, which may go against the grain, but it’s true. Life changes and I love seeing it change, day by day — the good, the bad, or the ugly. But don’t fret, this was just the beginning of Birthday Month 😉 HAHA
Ocean vibes are the perfect backdrop for my next trip around the Sun!

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