Musings: The (VRBO Owner) Crazy Continues…

I told you…

I told you she was crazy. I wrote Musings: VRBO (Rental #318895) Gone Wrong and then filed a formal complaint to VRBO. A day and a half later I received a message and a ‘compliment’ on Yelp. Take a peek…

A ‘compliment’ she sent me, which I approved! Her crazy can be seen by the world!
Direct message sent to me via Yelp.

I couldn’t stop laughing after I read these empty threats. The lack of proper grammar and punctuation would lead me to believe she is not very educated. If she even attempts to contact my employer, she will never hear the end of anything from me. That is crossing the line.

I also noticed that my VRBO review went live and this was her response:

Has she heard of grammar or punctuation before? Her two communications are also explicit evidence that she has falsified reviews on her VRBO page. If you look at the reviews and how she expresses herself here, you will see glaring resemblances. In addition, she also posted a review herself today, saying this person left this review as a note in her kitchen. Suspect, for sure.

Not only did she contact me via Yelp, but she also tried to friend me on FB. Yes, Dayle, I will allow you into my personal life and FB — so we can all see your crazy. Sarcasm, obviously. I now have a formal complain into VRBO and Yelp regarding these harassing antics. 

Some things I forgot to mention in my original post, which my Mom and Lil brought to my attention:

  • She calls her home in North Shore on her VRBO listing. However, it is at least 20 to 30 minutes from anything resembling North Shore.
  • Because prior tenants have taken advantage of her utility bill, she charges you $150 to cover herself if her bill is too high in her opinion. She says she will credit you back, if her bill isn’t a certain amount.

I was going to rebut some of these ridiculous accusations, but you all know me well enough to know I value honesty and have absolutely no reason to lie about our experience. I review, recap, and Yelp almost any experience and this was no different. Anywho, her crazy was kinda funny at first, BUT she has crossed a line. I’ve spoken with VRBO directly now too, as I want action taken against this woman who they allow to rent on their website.

It’s hard to not write my responses to her, but it will just beget more crazy. So I must stop, but I thought I’d share her all new level of crazy with you all!

If she’s a psychic, shouldn’t she know I’d write a review?


  • Anonymous

    Hi Girly Tomboy, I want to thank you for your awesome TRUTHFUL reviews of Dayle Schear. I've met her and in my opinion she is one of the the most unethical people I've ever met and to reaffirm you "CRAZY." I've read the reviews on her VRBO that a lot it is either written by her or her husband Blythe or friends she as to do favors for her. For VRBO to allow her to continue is a bad reflection on them and their credibility.

    I agree with you that she's delusional. She claims she is gifted by God with psychic abilities and that any other psychic is a "wannabe." That's the grandiose crap she tells people. And you are also right about her lacking of basic writing ability it shows how ignorant and stupid and uneducated she is. She only has a high school education but she thinks she is qualified to be giving people advice about everything in their lives. Her threats only go to show what a thuggish mindset she has and her need to control other people is characteristic of a narcissist or ego maniac. My experience with her showed me what an egotistical, arrogant nasty liar she is. There are other reviews on the VRBO that complain about the same things you did. I hope people who are considering renting from her do their due diligence and read all the negative reviews. The negative reviews are very consistent in describing the condition of the place and her ridiculous behavior.

    I like that you pointed out that she's not much of a psychic if she couldn't predict that her ridiculous behavior wouldn't produce a bad review. Ha, ha..

    You're great keep up the awesome job.

    • Musings of a Girly Tomboy

      Hi Anon! Thanks for the note. I'm glad someone else noticed the inconsistencies in her attempt to write her own reviews AND that all the negative have a similar sentiment. I hope anyone who is thinking of doing business with her does their due diligence in researching her home and her business ethics. xoxo, ganeeban

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