Musings: VRBO (Rental #318895) Gone Wrong

You pay for what you get…

If you remember way back to August 2016, we went to Hawaii for Lil’s 30th birthday. Here are a few of the posts:

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We’d never used VRBO, but others in our family had, so we gave it a shot. It’s like the original Air BnB. We did not due our due diligence in finding a home and we also chose to error on the cheap side when selecting our final rental.

Boy did that bite us in the ass. But we all tried to be really good sports about it AND we were!

I should have known from my initial contact with the renter, Dayle Schear. C R A Z Y! Her insistence on us booking the VRBO so fast and then her insistence of paying via bank transfer and passing along transfer fees should have been a slight red flag. But the deal was good and we waited until the last minute too book. The price discrepancies were pretty large as our travel date was looming closer and closer.

Here’s her posting, grammatical errors and all:
My home Is very Local and Very Hawaiian Vintage much to see in the
house loads of Hawaiian prints rocks artifacts. Country Local living at
its Best
Walk the beach Across the street in the early morning looking for glass balls if your lucky you just might find one.

Do NOT rent VRBO Rental #318895!

Unless you’re strapped for cash, sure rent it. These images are decent. But when we were there in August, there wasn’t this much sunshine. What you cannot see is a two way highway and a curve, where people jet around at fast speeds. Dayle did tell us that it was on the highway — but you can’t imagine how fast people drive here until you are staying here. What you don’t see is that the beach across the street is gross — full of huge rocks and floating debris, which does not bode well for swimming. We sat here on occasion, but never swam here.

This is what greeted my Mom when she arrived. It was on kitchen counter, exactly like this – wrinkled and dirty:

She literally text my Mom two times with these instructions. Then she text me at 2:30AM with these instructions. Then was offended when I told her we understood what she was asking of us and to please not text me at that ungodly of an hour. Not to mention the handful of text asking and reminding us to take out the trash. Yes, we were asked to put out the trash can during our stay. What the hell?

I thought I’d take the time to show you her version of her house versus what we experienced. Her pictures weren’t too far off – but they cannot describe the smells in the house, the level of cleanliness, nor her craziness — which is why I am taking the time to write this out. Even if no potential renters ever see it!

Her kitchen image wasn’t too far off from reality…

Image directly from Dayle’s VRBO listing (#318895)
Dayle is super weird. She had her own stuff and labeled it and told us about it multiple times. She labels her shelving so that her renters don’t touch her stuff. She does this with everything, not just her food – toiletries too. But she also seems to scour whatever her renters leave and add it to her stash. One would think she’d pass along the goodies to the next renter, but I don’t think that is the case.
This does NOT work! Why is it still here?!
She has random junk all over the place. I guess in case the power goes out?!?
She had freaked my Mom out so bad about ants and bugs, that my Mom wouldn’t leave any food out and bought Ziploc baggies to keep everything closed. Dayle told my Mom that we’d have to pay if ants or bugs showed up!
Her image of the dining area isn’t too far off either… 
Image directly from Dayle’s VRBO listing (#318895)
She added in the gaudy, additional chair and it did not leave much room to walk around the dining table toward the back. Also, behind the large chair she had a bunch of junk being hidden or attempted to be hidden.
I don’t know what world Dayle is living in, but her description from her website: “My home Is very Local and Very Hawaiian Vintage much to see in the
house loads of Hawaiian prints rocks artifacts. Country Local living at
its Best” is way off. She is basically delusional and selling herself way too hard for what she delivers.
Who posts prints wrapped up in bags?
A cheesy blanked thrown over a book case with necklaces laid on it with a mirror that had visible glue showing near the seashells. This is also where she hid her “own” toiletries that we weren’t to touch!
Her living room image wasn’t too far off from reality. Except you cannot smell a picture. If I could describe the smell of this place, it would be moldy with a hint of beach. The couch cushions smelled of mold, as if people would sit on them with wet clothes and just never let the cushions dry. It had a funky smell, probably due to that and having to close all the doors and windows when you leave the house and the smell just permeates everything trapped in there. If she seems to be as cheap as she exemplified for us, then I doubt she has her house cleaned by professionals or does a deep clean often.

Image directly from Dayle’s VRBO listing (#318895)
Where’s the fancy recliner go? Yup, all the trashy decor to see!

Don’t get me started on her “Country Local Living at its Best” in the front part of the house. Her image posted on VRBO is similar to real life, besides the other side of the room. It’s basically an area of junk – a broken chair and some other stuff just strewn about.

Image directly from Dayle’s VRBO listing (#318895)
Rugged mat and all!
Seriously, thrown the dam chair away and take the faux Hawaiian garb down!
There was also a laundry way. However, she was sure to point out that we should not touch her supplies — detergent, toilet, or paper towels. She had more in here I guess. You could tell there were tons of different varieties from all her guests. It was as if she kept all the left overs and asked everyone to buy their own when they arrived. That’s some shiesty business ethics and so tacky. Just let the next renters use what’s left, really lady? It was a nice option to have this available to wash our clothes. Again, she had random stuff lying about when we arrived.
Here is a comparison of the Master Bathroom, from her pics to the reality that my Parentals experienced:

Image directly from Dayle’s VRBO listing (#318895)
Image directly from Dayle’s VRBO listing (#318895)
Bedding is off, because we were leaving and that was what she asked us to do.
Not everyone can decorate with class…
Master Bathroom, didn’t show this on-line.
The room that J and I shared was at the back of the house. We had to leave the sliding glass door open when we were there, besides when we slept. The house was so hot, we needed to have a draft through the entire home. The bedding smelled moldy and there were always bugs in our room. You’d think with the screen door it wouldn’t happen, but there was also a huge gap where the wall air-conditioning machine was too. That thing was loud, but necessary when we slept and the sliding glass had to be closed. The decor was awful, it is all so cheesy. Also, everything had clothes in it, so we just lived out of our suitcases. Mess. Mess. Mess. Is all I can say about this room!

Image directly from Dayle’s VRBO listing (#318895)

Image directly from Dayle’s VRBO listing (#318895)
The bed was not comfortable at all! It smelled moldy and gross too!
Here’s the other side of the room she doesn’t show you!
Lastly, we can look at the odd room that Lil slept in. Again, the decor that Dayle used is so cheap and tacky, I can’t believe people give her almost 5 star rating on VRBO. I mean, I get it, its only decor. But the entire home has a permanent smell of mold and sand everywhere. The wall air conditioners suck, even though we knew about them. They are old. Nothing here is new, it’s all old.
don’t understand how throwing sheets over furniture is decor at all?
She forgot to show an image of the closet fully stocked with crap,
covered so graciously by a see-through blue sheet.

Cause a blue sheet is the same as a closet door, right?
There was a bathroom in the hallway, which all of us used. Of course Dayle provides you with a very surface image, but when you get in there and notice how run down everything is, you realize what a sham she is!
Image directly from Dayle’s VRBO listing (#318895)
Here’s the janky situation we dealt with for the week.
Instead of a window, you get this…

Its cool to use knobs that feel like they might break at any moment…
Lastly, here are a few images from her closet. I honestly cannot remember, but I’m pretty sure that this was a closet in the hallway, not any of the rooms. Again, her choice in trashy decor was to use this hanging bamboo things. All of her towels reeked of mildew. We washed the ones we used, before using them — because of this! Again, if you constantly rent out your house, don’t live like a pack rat and try to hid it all!

The best part about this entire thing, is eight months later I am taking the time to write out our first VRBO experience. I had to re-look up all the information. I did a search of Dayle and apparently she is a psychic. What the hell? This is insane. Not only is she crazy, but this solidifies what we already knew, her crazy extends past her VRBO renters! You can read tons about her if you Google her name, but I’ll make it easy for you to look at her personal website!

I don’t generally like to call women crazy, but this one fits the bill. Perfectly. When I asked her to to stop texting me and explained that I understood her wishes, she decided to get emotional and accuse me of being mean to her. When in reality, I was on vacation and tired of her texting me. The LAST thing I want to do is read endless text messages from an owner of my rental. And when I ask you to politely stop texting me, I expect you to get the hint. Not engage in a pathetic conversation of knowing the difference between being direct and mean. I’m not in high school and have no reason or desire to be mean. But take the hint lady.

Your stinky, cheap home was enough for us. We packed up a day early and left to rent a nice, air-conditioned hotel room in Waikiki. Yes, we lost out on a day of rental fee, but it was well worth it for dealing with that crazy lady. It was Lil’s actual birthday and we wanted to make sure she enjoyed it to the fullest, despite the torrential downpour of rain that dampened our plans of skydiving 🙁 

I thought I’d share our enjoyment as we left this dilapidated little beach house with its crazy owner. On to better things to celebrate L’s bit 3-0! 

We made our way from the not-so-North Shore into the hustle and bustle of the city and headed straight to breakfast at YogurStory with the infamous Ube pancakes. Purple pancakes. They are amazing and not overly sweet as their color would suggest!

Then we headed to the hotel where we were able to get a hotel. I will remind you that at like 7AM we made the final decision to pack up and leave AND book a hotel room for that night at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort.

We would never choose to stay here again. There are too many people to lounging ratio. Fighting for a chair is not the vacation lifestyle we’d prefer in Hawaii. But one day of it wasn’t so bad at all. Seriously, we had to hover for a beach chair to even relax. We ran to the kiddie pool to try the slides out, but couldn’t find anywhere to leave our stuff, so we tucked it under some bushes and went into the super crowded water. They have tons of stuff, even a lagoon, but there are tons of people on this property, they have so many buildings. The one thing we did like was that they also had various restaurants and shops on their property, so we didn’t have to walk far for anything — Starbucks for coffee and a fresh acai bowl right off the elevator!

I hope Lil didn’t feel like her birthday specialness got left behind. We were both bummed we couldn’t skydive for her big day, but we made sure we went to a nice dinner at Roy’s for her. It was a lovely and delicious dinner and they made sure to highlight her birthday.


This was our last night in Hawaii and it couldn’t have been any more perfect. Leaving the crazy owner behind, even though she kept text my Mom, and going somewhere worth what we were spending was a frivolous luxury that I appreciate the Parentals giving us! IT was the birthday Lil expected, but I hope she enjoys the beginning of a new age group and I will always try to spoil her as much as I can!

We learned a lot from our VRBO experience. You get what you pay for, being the highlight. Renting a not so great home would have been manageable, but also having to deal with the crazy owner is a whole different level of annoyance. But, we were in Hawaii…so life isn’t really that bad!

VRBO at your own risk!

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