Musings: Unicorn (Frappuccinos) Are Real

You know I had to see what the hype was about!

No, you don’t need to call me basic. Don’t even get me started on how I canNOT stand that word and its usage. Shows how much is wrong with our generation of judgy, narcissist humans walking around thinking its okay to throw judgment like confetti. And YES, I’m hella judgemental too, but I’ve learned to check myself and question why I’m being that way!

And while we’re at it, stop food shaming people. This term is accurate, yet a little exaggerated for this situation. But really, let people try something that looks cool to them. Let people not wan to try it, not. Who cares what others are doing. I get that we feel the need to support or show angst for things in our lives and we use social media to exercise that right. Go for it, but just remember that because other peoples opinions don’t match yours they are ‘wrong’ per se. Okay, getting off my soap box!

Starbucks, the big box you loathe to love and love to hate. They are consistent. They are everywhere. They suffice. They don’t taste better than a local roaster, but you can rely on the consistency of their beverages, food, and service (thanks mobile ordering). So, yes, I do go here more often than not. This baller-on-a-budget loves the rewards program too, damn those stars. But I do looooove a hand crafted pour over from a local spot too. It’s all about balance in life and my bank account 😉

That being said, I fell into the vortex of pink, blue, and purple that Starbucks created with its new Unicorn Frappuccino. To be honest, my co-worker/friend T saw it and made sure we set aside time to go try it. That’s really how I knew it was coming, not because of social media.

via Starbucks

I knew going into it, I’d buy a Unicorn to try and a real drink to drink. But lucky for us, when we sauntered in they happened to be making samples. We politely and excitedly asked if we could please try one as well. Megan was the sweetest barista ever and equally as excited, said yes. If she was annoyed with making them, we couldn’t tell. She was even taking pics of us and other customers taking pics. She was genuinely happy and sweet.

I know there is a viral article/video of a Barista who was annoyed to high Hell about it and rightly so. I’m sure plenty of them were, it looked like a long process for a drink. It’s pretty though, if that counts for anything. At least I ran into on Barista that was happy to make one, not the opposite.

What does it taste like?

That has been the major question at hand. The colors are magical and all, but really — what does a Unicorn frappé to Starbucks taste like.

Here is the actual ingredient list:

My own experience is that it is sweet and tart, but hella sour on top. It tasted like a partly sweet and partly sour candy, but in drink form. The cute dusting on top of the whipped cream is SOUR! Super sour, contort your face sour! I only took two mini sips of my drink because it was made with milk and I wasn’t going to mess with that. 

I think I enjoyed ours even more because it was mini and FREE! We took a bunch of pics, of course! But then we hopped in line and ordered our real drinks, for real! 

Kudos to Starbucks for using marketing to drum up some business and spice up the mundane big box coffee game. I was a pawn in your scheme and I’m completely okay with it!

via Starbucks

Scoff all you want, but I got my Unicorn fix for a few magical moments!

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