Musings: Frustrated

4 straight losses!

Not just by one goal or anything, but by a lot!

Of course, I want to sit here and rant and bitch about certain people. But no, that’s not right or fair. I need to be accountable for how shitty I played too.

I didn’t do a damn thing in four games. I felt useless. I made some runs, but more than anything I made poor passes, didn’t get balls I should have, and just overall didn’t make a significant impact on the field.

I LOVE tournaments. They take a toll on my body these days, but I love them. I love dedicating a whole weekend to being on the pitch. I had high hopes of having a great tournament. Besides my frustration at myself and our losses, I had a great time.

My team is comprised of some of the nicest women I’ve met while playing soccer. It just wasn’t working out for us. We really should have been in the division below ours, D. We were in Open C and we just couldn’t hang. You’d think that since our whole Sunday league was in the D division, they would have seeded us there, but no. We got put up higher and we struggled. Big time.

I am completely grateful that my body still allows me to get out there and move, slowly digressing after each game 😉 but still out there! By the end of Saturday I was frustrated. I had a fresh mindset Sunday AM, until they scored two goals within the span of five minutes. The frustration boiled to the top again. It wasn’t aimed at anyone, just sitting there festering.

Maybe my hopes were too high. Maybe my expectation of my knee (and body) was too high. I don’t know. I just know I’ve NEVER been that frustrated on the pitch or about the game in my life.

Odd thing is, I still had fun despite my frustration. I got to play with a friend I haven’t played with in awhile and catch up with her. I enjoy all the ladies whom I play with regularly, which is why I was excited to play with this team. I loved that J and L came out and cheered us on. I love that this team is really family oriented and we potluck each year. It’s a great group and I’m lucky I found them.

And can I please tell you how there was a 74 year old, sprightly woman out there balling?! She’s pretty much my idol. She was spunky and still able to play. I didn’t watch all her games, but I did watch her first one. She was full of life and reminded me that I have years of soccer ahead of me, so enjoy each game, each tourney, each moment on the pitch. And I better preserve my body to keep playing at 74!

The frustration has subsided, thanks to a last minute day date to watch the Rivercats play on Sunday afternoon. Despite the loss, it was fun to be out in the warm sun watching some baseball!

I’m already looking forward to the next tournament, whenever that is…

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