Coffee Date – Adios May

Lordy, lordy…it’s already June!


I feel like I’ve been scarce around here lately, but for good reason. Life’s curve balls have been pretty crazy the last month, so I thought I’d just breeze through the last 31 days, as if we were sitting in your/my fave coffee shop and chatting.

First off, I hope your May was lovely, challenging, and fun OR whatever you needed it to be. Did anything exciting happen, did you complete any goals, did you eat any new food? I could sit here for awhile and ask you questions about your May. I love asking questions…always have, always will.

Lovebugs // A new Love Bug was born, right before the month ended. Lisa was waiting to find out the sex of the baby, until she gave birth. Surprise, surprise — Annabelle was born. I was lucky enough to go visit and hold her as she slept for awhile. I love seeing my friends grow their families with more Lovebugs to spoil! And I couldn’t be any more prouder of my Lovebug, Mas. He’s grown a lot over the years with his attitude, sportsmanship, and skill. Watching him on the big diamond was exciting, despite the freezing weather. His composure and dedication to the game is amazing and I was proud to watch him play the sport he loves. And of course, the rest of the month was spent squeezing all the Love Bug time in with Luca and all the others too!

Miss Annabelle Faye
MAS on the bump!
Ate duties w/ Luca!

Food // We are still on our Fresh Fix Kitchen meals for dinner, but we still try to have some foodie fun during the month. I was able to cop a new collab from Sugarfina + Pressed Juciery. I read they were all sold out, but I randomly found two bottles left at our Nordstrom. I grit my teeth and paid the expensive price for the small bottle of green juice bears. They are delish, despite all the crap everyone gives me about how they look and smell. I’ve been lucky enough to try a handful of the new spots in town – one of my fave being the new “Calling All Dreamers” winner from 2016 – Oblivion, a coffee shop and comic book store all in one! They brew local beans and have some pastries. It’s a cute little spot. I also found a not so really local to me (re: Roseville) coffee shop that brew’s Santa Cruz’s goodness, Verve! I also tried a couple new taco spots, both of which I was disappointed with. It was like Mexican food without the authentic taste 🙁


Lovers // J threw us for a bumpy month, but I’m glad he’s alive and managing his pain. J had a very large surgery in the middle of the month, which had to be done. We didn’t have much notice, which made it all even more hectic. Knowing how private he is, I will leave it at that. But we made sure he played plenty of soccer before the surgery, since he’ll be out for awhile. We also snuck in our first family 5k before he couldn’t run too. It was so much fun, even though we were both dying to actually run it together, instead of walking. We haven’t been doing to much, since he isn’t super mobile, but we were able to sneak out for dinner the other night and it was nice. Since he’s still recovering, life is pretty much low key these days and mostly spent at home.


Annoying Knee && The Gym // I’ve been pretty consistent for the month of May. Soccer tourney to start the month and Midtown for almost all days, besides Sunday’s which are filled with soccer. I’ve somewhat transitioned to the evening and use the 5:30AM class as a back-up if I can’t make the evening. My knee, however, is still being an asshole and giving me problems. I’m rolling before and after each workout, along with stretching. I’m icing and elevating most nights. And I recently added in using the Tens/IFC unit too, which seems to be helping as well. Still undiagnosed and won’t be until I find a new PCP who is supportive in finding a solution to an unknown problem. I’ve been lifting heavier and loving it, until it stresses my knee out! I’m loving it and know that the gym really levels me out as a person, I need it in my life to have balance — food, emotions, and health!


Summa Summa Time // L finished 3rd grade in the best possible way this month, donuts of course! HAHA, kidding. She’s had a very interesting, to say the least, year and she’s dealt with it so well. She’s taken change and gone with it and made so many strides in so many different aspects of her little eight year old life. I’m proud of her and hope she enjoys her well deserved summer time!

May is for the Momma’s // Of course I cannot leave out talking about my cool ass Mom for the month. After the last year, I’ve learned that not all people deserve the title Mom. You can give birth to someone, but that doesn’t always make you a ‘Mom’ or a good one at that. However, mine has been the essence of a Mom since I was born. She is beyond selfless and shows Shell and I daily, day in and day out. It’s taken me years to realize her sacrifices and dedication to her role as Mother, but each day I recognize it and am grateful. Whose Mom AND Dad never missed a sports game? Was your Girl Scout Leader and sold hella cookies for you? Encourages you to be YOU and go after the goals you set for yourself? Who bails you out of financial issues time and time again? MINE, that’s who. If you’re lucky enough to have one like mine, then you know what I’m talking about. Not everyone is and I realize that too. I also realize that Mom is a very broad term used for many different people, not just the woman who gave birth to the child. For those who are watching from above, we don’t forget you on this day either. Your spirit guides us and reminds us of a Mother’s forever love!

What a crazy full month, now that we’ve completely emptied our cups of soy latte’s and we can still talk about so much more for the month of May. Hopefully I didn’t overwhelm you with all the randomness that this month had in store for us/me. Thanks for enjoying a coffee date and I hope your June is cool, calm, and lovely! xoxo

May 2017 has been one for the books, by far!

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