Happy #GlobalRunningDay 2017

I thought it was National Running Day!…but, after looking at the blog the 2016 post celebrated the same holiday — #GlobalRunningDay.

Coincidence or not, maybe creature of habit, but I retired a pair of Kinvara’s on this day last year and used new ones to celebrate it this year!

I think I’m making my running comeback…

The hardest part is realizing that you are starting the process over. When I started to despise the runs, it was because I was running a lot of miles and lost the joy of it. I was in good (my standards) running shape. I am no longer anywhere near that shape at the moment. So to know the pace I once could handle versus what I can do now, is frustrating.

But I’m gonna get over myself and just get to business. I’m going to just run to run, not care that I saw an 11 min/mi pace on my Garmin this morning. I’m not ashamed to write that here, which is a huge step for me. I am used to seeing 8’s or even 7’s, but I’m over it. I accept that I need to remind myself, constantly, that it is a process that I am (once again) starting.

I kept my mileage low, because I was wearing a brand new pair of Kinvara 8’s and also new Super Feet. If you didn’t know, new shoes and inserts tend to make the first few runs hard, feet hurt and are trying to break in the shoes. Today was not bad at all, I was pleasantly surprised. I still had the tight right calf and sore left knee, but it wasn’t because of the newness on my feet! I hadn’t planned on buying them, but I earned an Amazon gift card from my health and wellness program at work, so I did! Now here we are. New shoes, new mindset.

6.7.17 – Global Running Day Run
Mile 1 – 11:07
Mile 2 – 11:22.8
Mile 3 – 11:00.3
Mile 4 – 0:07.3
Total Time – 33:37.2
Total Distance: 3.01 mi
Average Pace: 11:11/mi

I don’t have a race to prepare for, I just want to enjoy running again. I’ve had a few urges to run lately, but did not act on it. But, now I am. I am ready too. I am ready to run and not put so much pressure on myself when I look at my Garmin.

How did you celebrate Global Running Day?

Ready for a running comeback!

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